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Version: v1.0.9

It's a small extension for Routes addon adding and simple and needed import/export functionality.

To share a route with your friends / viewers open Routes window (console command: /routes) select that route. At the end of the Information tab there is a new Export text box populated with text. Copy it (Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C) and send / post that text anywhere you like.

To import a route, copy shared text, open Routes window (console command /routes), select Routes section. You can see a new Import text box. Paste route data to import (Ctrl+V) and click the Accept button. A new route should be added to the tree.

Routes can be renamed through Name field on the Information tab (added in v1.0.3).

It injects a temporary fix for issues with plugins in Routes addon with creating a coute using a data source like GatherMate2.

Known sources of routes to import:

  1. DalaGG's Discord channel

2. (by GoldenRoutes)

3. Smooth wotlk routes (WotLK Classic)

Known issues:

Reported conflict with SpartanUI addon.

PM me if you know about another source I should add there.