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Heads up: I've published another addon called UI Changes and ported Party Pet Frames into there while making it more robust. Going forward only UI Changes will be updated. Thank you for using Party Pet Frames and if you decide to switch over to UI Changes, please remember to remove Party Pet Frames from your Addons folder first! UI Changes allows individual modules to be toggled so you won't have to use the other modules if you're not interested.


In vanilla WoW the default party frames also showed party members' pets. This feature seems to have disappeared somewhere around patch 7.0.3 and is missing in classic as well. Having pet frames is useful in some niche situations and seeing awesome pet names is fun. I created PartyPetFrames to restore the vanilla feeling and functionality of these frames.


Currently the party pet frames are hidden behind a console variable (ShowPartyPets) that can only be changed by loaded addon code. Once the console variable is set, the party pet frames mostly work with a few shortcomings. Pet existence is not tracked properly and the power bars have been lost.
PartyPetFrames manages the console variable, updates party pet frames and implements pet power bars. Party pet frames display unit portraits, health & power bars and debuffs. The pet frames will be shown when the pets are nearby.


If raid style party frames (compact frames) are enabled, this addon lies dormant.

The addon has it's own enable / disable state which can be toggled without having to reload the ui. This might be convenient for players who'd like to see party pet frames only in certain situations.
Note that the ShowPartyPets console variable cannot be modified while in combat. Furthermore, the party pet frames are protected frames and addons cannot customize their appearance during combat. There may be cases where Blizzard code might cause some minor overlapping around the pet frames while in combat. These placement shortcomings will only last until out of combat.


/ppf enable
/ppf disable