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Have you ever forgot to pickup the quest to do 20 World Quests just to realize it after you've already done 10 of them?

Well, this addon is for you.

m4x-EventReminder will notify you of the weekly Bonus Events and let you pickup the quest for them right there on the spot, so you don't miss out on any Bonus Event quest you want.

Choose what events you want to be notified about, with some information about each one on mouseover.

Event List

Get a notification on screen with a direct way to get the quest and a preview of the reward.

Warn Frame

Don't want to be bothered by the notification but want the quest? Just disable it and you will still get the quest, with or without confirmation (auto-accept the quest), your choice.

Event Options

Reporting Issues/Making Suggestions:
If you have issues or suggestions, please report them properly on the project page "Issues" tab in CurseForge or GitHub.
They're easier to track this way and more likely I will notice and resolve them.