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This addon show in a easy way, the mana gained per second vs the mana spent per second, for optimise the healing.

is show also the time left for :

  • mana is over
  • mana is full.

In theory, it do the job also for the others energy but, in my mind there is utility only for healing.

Update R4

Now the addon can track three different things :

  • the current energy
  • the mana ( always regardless of form )
  • the health

these mode are available by dropdown menu on right click on minimap button

First Start

On first start you have o button called HMG on bottom left of the screen. this buttons control the display of mainframe you can drag the frame with left button

Interface Description

This is the view when no mana activity :

Frame when no mana activity

This is the view when mana activity :

Frame when mana activity

  • the green bar is the mana gained with information of mana gained per second ( u/s => unit per second )
  • the red bar is the mana spent with inofrmation of mana spent per second ( u/s => unit per second )

the small bar under is the ratio mana gained / mana spent.

the blue bar under is the current amount of mana. the two values of each side are :

  • on the left side, the time remaining for mana to 0 ( s => second )
  • on the right side, the time remaining for mana to full ( s => second )
  • for persistance of bar loss or gained ( smoothing signal ) , the values are mean with 15 values. so for the 15 first tick, this is a mean adpative and it must be some mistake, but after 15 value this is ok.
  • for the time remaining on spent mana, when the value is over than 120 seconds, the value is replaced with "-" char, for simplify the informations