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Guild Slacker**== Beta ==**

!!!Now works in Classic!!!

=== Project under new management. ===
Hello my name is Glought with permission from Submann I have taken over the project.
I will be maintaining and improving the project.


This addon was originally made by my self for myself.
I was tired of having to say Gratz every time someone got an achievement, after that i added a few extra things to make me even a bigger slacker.
If you like it then feel free to use it.


Guild Slacker now has Localization Support!

English is the default Language any text that hasn't been translated yet will be in English till the time it is translated.

If you want to help Translating go to the Localization tab.

Also when translating the one Phrase key " GS_has_joined_the_guild" it must be exactly text that is after the new member's name aka "Name has joined the guild." .

Q & A

Q] What will this addon do ?
A] This addon will do alot of stuff for you.

  • Take a picture when you gain level.
  • Take a picture when you get a achievement.
  • Say DING when you gain a level.
  • Say welcome when a new member join the guild.
  • Say gratz in Guild / Party / Raid when someone get a achievement.

Q] Hmm... I think it will sound a bit like a robot there say the same over and over.
A] No... There is 15 different gratz and 10 different welcome (or not all are different, don't have the fantasy for that) and there is a random delay on every message from 5 to 10 sec.

Q] Will the addon spam the chat if there is alot there get a achievement at the same time ?
A] No. This addon is spam safe.

Q] Is there a config for the addon ?
A] Yes, under interface/addons as "Guild Slacker"

Q] Can i make some changes to the addon ?
A] Yes please do, but if you do then please tell me, if it is an improvement i will add it.

Q] Why is there no picture of the addon ?
A] Do you really want me to post a picture of the chat where it say "Gratz" ?

Q] Do i really need this addon ?
A] Are you a slacker ?

  • Yes -> Then you do.
  • No -> No you don't.


If you find any bug's in the addon then please tell me so i can fix it, thanks...


Submann, The Maker of Guild Slacker.
Glought, The new author to maintain and improve Guild Slacker.


Harrisan (Корвусы-СД) , Russian Translation