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Highly customisable "Floating Combat Text" addon with text anti-overlap behavior similiar to that of WoW Classic.

Use "/cfct" command to open the options interface.
Currently there are 2 configuration presets built-in: "Classic" and "Mists of Pandaria".

Users can create their own presets.

Text display area can be positioned in 3 ways:
  • to screen center (with x, y offsets)
  • to the target nameplate
  • to every individual nameplate (anti-overlap doesnt work in this mode courtesy of Blizzard)
If no nameplate is available (in case the target dies or moves off-screen), text display area can fall back to screen center.

Text can be displayed behind or in front of nameplates and their children.

  • Fade In, Fade Out
  • Directional Scroll
  • Pow (a 2 stage scale animation for crits)
Configurable variables include:
  • animation timing, scale and duration.
  • text font, style, size, custom color or by damage type.
  • spell icons for each damage/heal event.
  • event filtering, sorting and merging

Explanation of some limitations related to combat text addons: Reddit Link

Special thanks go to people who supported this project with donations: