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CastAnnouncer is an updated fork of the original SpellAlerter addon, written by Kollektiv, which includes updates by volunteers that were seemingly lost in the depths of the Internet. This is an attempt to revive it and provide it with a (hopefully lasting) project site so that people may find it more easily in the future.


  • Alerts: Makes you aware of spells and abilities being cast on a unit of your choosing
  • Comes with three basic filters: Enemy Spellcasts, Enemy Buffs, and Friendly Debuffs
  • Additional filtering: For players only (reduces spam from things such as Mirror Image)
  • Sound Alerts: You may assign sound effects to spell alerts to more easily notice them being cast
  • Optional: Support for minimap button and LDB (data broker) plugins
  • Configuration via graphical interface: Type /castannouncer or /ca to access it!


The SpellAlerter addon was NOT created by me and in no way do I wish to take credit for other people's work. Here is the (probably incomplete) list of known contributors - feel free to message me if someone is missing.

Using your settings from the original SpellAlerter

CastAnnouncer doesn't use the same name as the original addon to avoid conflicts. This means it won't be able to simply read your old settings (if you still have them).

You should be able to copy your old Saved Variables\SpellAlerter.lua file to bring them over, though. You can name it CastAnnouncer.lua, and rename the database inside to "CastAnnouncerDB" as well.