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SummaryThis mod changes Witcher Signs to cost Adrenaline Points instead of Stamina. Adrenaline has been re-named to Focus.
Focus Points slowly regenerate over time, and even faster upon successful melee attacks. 
With 3 Focus Points, you can cast Signs 3 times in a row. Sign Power decreases by 25% per missing Focus Point.  
Melee attacks now cost Stamina. Attack damage is decreased by 1% for every Stamina Point spent below 50%.
All skills/potions/glyphs/armor-bonuses related to Focus/Stamina have been adjusted to work with this new resource system.
To keep it simple: This mod encourages you to weave Signs and Melee attacks together for optimal combat performance.

Spanish strings courtesy of Nexus user Deepk!**(Please note, this mod is not available in all languages - though some translations are available.)
My permission is not needed to create & upload translation files for this mod.

Examples of adjusted skills

Vigor is part of a modular overhaul series.
You can use each module separately,
but using them together is my personal preference.
Each module can be merged without conflicts using Script merger.

Module 1......................... Master TrainingModule 2......................................... Vigor
Module 3.............. Ultimate Enemy ScalingModule 4... **Immersive Level Requirements**
Module 5... **Dynamic Enemy Stats & Speed**



  • Place folder "modD003_Vigor" into your "/mods" directly

  • Place folder "DLCVigor" into your "/dlc" directory

  • Run script merger

  • Done!


  • Remove folder "modD003_Vigor" from your "/mods" directly

  • Remove folder "DLCVigor" from your "/dlc" directory

  • Delete your "mod0000_MergedFiles" folder

  • Run script merger to re-create a clean Merged folder

  • Done!

GENERAL INFORMATION:* The mod can be installed at any time

  • This mod is safe to uninstall at any time and does not make permanent changes/corruption to your save files.
  • There are no in-game options or dedicated user-config file. This is a "set it and forget it" kind of mod.
  • NOT compatible with Ghost Mode, W3EE, or other "complete overhaul" mods. They simply change too much and would cause unknown issues.
  • 100% Compatible with some of your favorite mods, such as Friendly HUD, Immersive Cam, and Preparations.
  • Script Compilation Errors are NOT bugs, please don't report them to me. If you encounter a script compilation error, you might have an incompatible mod installed.


"I think I found a bug, should I submit a bug report?"
With the huge success of the Netflix show "The Witcher", a lot of new and/or returning players are deciding to mod their games. This means there are a lot of people who don't know what they're doing, how to troubleshoot their mod issues, or even know better than to install multiple incompatible mods.
This also means that mod authors are getting a lot of false-positive bug reports!

When it comes to Witcher 3 modding, you must understand what each mod does; if 2 mods edit the same line of code or same XML file, you really should pick one or the other. This game is NOT Skyrim, you can't just throw a bunch of mods together and have it work.

**BEFORE SUBMITTING A BUG REPORT:****1. Keep in mind Script Compilation Errors are not bugs.**2. Read the mod description page of THIS MOD in it's entirety. Pay close attention to the install instructions, and compatibility notes.
3.Double-check the mod description page of your installed mods, and see if you've installed any mods which are known to be incompatible.
4. Once you have eliminated incompatible mods, you need to delete your "Merged Scripts" mod folder and re-run
Script Merger.

**5.**If the issue persists after these steps, you then need isolate the issue by uninstalling all other mods.

If you have done all 5 steps, please submit a bug report!