The Dark Wolf as Geralt

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These are only textures! Look below for the list of mods you should install to make Geralt look like on the screenshots!**This mod page is my personal dump where I can upload textures I play around with from time to time. The Dark Wolf character is made out of boredom and I don't insist it's Geralt, so don't bother hissing. 

Four versions of The Dark Witcher face
All versions don't include tattoo and shaving textures because I don't care.   

V1. A prototype for the versions below. Geralt has more severe look with this texture. Look for the screenshots named "V1" . 
V2. More neat beards (stage 0-1), thicker eyebrows comparing to V1 without angle and less sullen expression. 
V3. Same as V2, except brows have angle. It makes the face look slightly more sullen comparing to V2 and closer to V1. If you can't tell the difference now, you'll do it later.
New! V4. More threatening look and additional scars. Without HOS mark. 

V2, V3. Made by requests - these files include default white scalp to fit white coloured hairstyles, facial hair remain black.
Blank Eyes. White eyes texture. Blind witchers are still witchers. 

Essential mod
absolutely needed to get the desirable effect 

Headmesh made by Fuse00.

You may refuse from downloading other mods, but this one is necessary. The textures do no good to the vanilla head shape. Don't forget to give The Dark Wolf mod higher priority. You can also delete texture.cache from Fuse's mod if you expereince intolerably long loading of Geralt's face during cutscenes. 

Highly recommended mods
needed to match the pinned screenshots


On my pictures you actually see three different hair colors and they are from different mods.

  1. Dark. Black with a brown tint. 
  2. Black. The blackest black. And in this particular case make sure my mod has higher priority. Note that, fistly, it makes some haircuts very shiny (such as Elven Rebel and this hair mod), secondly, this mod includes face textures, so you have to set priority. 
  3. Alternative black. Quite the same as the previous mod, except beards are displayed differently + no face textures included, hair only.  
  4. Grey. Though it doesn't really fit the concept of The Dark Witcher, but I like it way too much - it looks amazing. 


Sauron glance is one of the best eyes retextures you can find. And it fits this new personality perfectly.