Renfri's Theme for Love Music Replacement Netflix

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**DISCLAIMER: DELETE the kopia - kopia (2) part of the mods name

This mod replaces the Love music with Renfri's theme from the Netflix show.**

Some scenes, such as the pre-rendered sex scene during kaer morhen with yennefer(with the blanket) I failed to replace.I couldn't find the file and even if I did it would be more or less impossible since all the sounds like moans and what not (i would assume) is condensed into a single track.
And the music playing when priscilla is at the hospital keeps jumping from track to track and in an order that made it not fixable since those tracks are used for Triss in a different order but I did my best to remedy it.

Each track has been made into a loop so as to not distract from the immersion. There is HOWEVER a slight audio jump cut when it loops, I've desperately tried to fix this but it seems it's there to stay. The current version is the best in terms of my try to remedy this issue. Unless I can come up with a loop that ends silently in a natural way for it to start from the start again, this unfortunately is the best I've been able to produce. 

Preview of Renfri's Theme can be found in the videos section.

** Installation:**

Put the modNetflixLoveMusic into the mods folder in your w3 directory.


Credits to Sonya Belousova & Giona Ostinelli for compsing this amazing track.