More Robes' Warden's Armor nerf for W3EE

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Ever since I played Witcher 2, I was really sad that all the legendary stuff you found couldn't be imported to Witcher 3. Although I could use console commands to give myself the Warden's Armor (It's actually the Draug Armor, not Vran's but close enough in terms of looks) and Caerme (sadly Addan Deith isn't in W3EE), and I was glad W3EE had an integrated compatibility patch for all the gear added by More Robes, I found that the Warden's Armor stats were way too overpowered for an item I would give myself at the beggining of the game. I mean, those stats were definetly balanced as end-game gear and not something you would give yourself at the beggining. Therefore, I made this patch.

What changes are made:

-The boosts (Resistances, Armor ratings) were made slightly better than the Improved Kaer Morhen armor

-The maluses (reduced speed, stamina, etc...) are slightly worse than Improved Kaer Morhen armor (with the logic that the Warden's Armor is definetly more clunky than the Kaer Morhen armor based on its looks)

-(Optional) Removed the Set Bonuses, with the armor previously having the same bonus than the non-grandmaster Griffin Armor


  1. Place modVranNerf2 or modVranNerf3NoSetBonus, depending on your choice, in your mods folder
  2. In Script Merger, give this patch a higher priority (lower numbers being a higher priority) than W3EE. In the conflict (2 conflicts if you download the version that removes set bonuses), this patch should be in bold.

This is what you should see in Script Merger:

I made this mod on the 4.04 version with W3EE 5.03 installed.

I am not a mod author nor am I an expert in Witcher 3 modding, but I guess as long as no other mod modifies def_kontusz_armor.xml and def_kontusz_armor_stats.xml there should be no problem.

I made this mod for my upcoming first playthrough of W3EE, meaning I have not played with this W3EE yet. If you try this mod out and think it is unbalanced, TELL ME! I have no notion of what is balanced and what is not in W3EE, so it would be my pleasure to balance it as it might also further my enjoyement in my own playthrough!