Metal Witcher Combat (BETA)

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Installation: Place the mod into your Witcher 3 mods folder. 

Update 0.5!
-Songs have been remastered for a more consistent volume
-Added Novigrad/Temple Isle Combat Track
-Bug Fixes

Please check the "Videos" tab to hear all the music included in the latest version of this mod.
This mod is in early beta and more songs will be added until final release. 
All base game combat tracks will eventually be replaced with metal versions.
The current set-list includes:

  • Prologue/Kaer Morhen Combat

  • No Man's Land/Velen

  • Silver for Monsters

  • Steel for Humans

  • The Song of the Sword-Dancer

  • Forged in Fire - (Remixed/Mastered Video Coming Soon...)

  • The Eyes of the Wolf - (Remixed/Mastered Video Coming Soon...)

  • Skellige Combat 14 (Hindarsfjall) - (Remixed/Mastered Video Coming Soon...)

  • Skellige General Combat

  • Novigrad/Temple Isle

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