Double Whale Encounter Game Save (1.12.1)

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RashFever aka RashTheModder

This isn't a "mod", it's just a save file that I thought was worth sharing: have you ever wondered to see whales in The Witcher 3, but never found one? I've got you covered!
Load this save file and you will see not one, but two whales, one near the other! :P
HOW TO FIND THE WHALES:* To see the first whale, just sail straight ahead, don't move, just go ahead, it will spawn in a few meters.

  • To take a look at the second one, just follow the mark I've placed in the minimap from the first whale spawn point: you will find the sea creature just near the undiscovered Smuggler's Chache! (It doesn't spawn everytime though)

P.S.: If you want, you can also play around with my gamesave, I'm using an alchemy-sign hybrid build that's PRETTY DAMN OP. Please, be sure to install this mod : it will activate all the skills you have invested points in, no need to put them into slots. (I'm saying this just because my build really depends from that mod, lol.)
P.P.S: In the personal chest you will find a shit lot of swords and bolts, take a look at them.