Discontinued - xTcModKit - 5.0-BETA-1.1 - Uncook Build Cook and Merge.

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**This project is Discontinued - Read Sticky Post for more Info.

Consider using version 4.1. It still works great and im pretty satisfied with it. Im using it myself today and its great for quick edits.

If someone is cracy enough to pick up this project i added the sources to the sticky post.

My second attempt of building a proper Modkit for The Witcher 3.

This Tool is far away from finished! Report Bugs and give Feedback, please!

-Drag and Drop multiple mods!
-Uncooking mods.
-Cooking mods.
-Build your own mod.
-Build Script mods.
-Literally every function get explained if u hover with your mouse over the text or button u dont understand.

~~Future: Merging with DiffView.~~4.0 added Merging!

Future depends on feedback, since i dont know if W3 modding is already dead.

How to install:
Password: xtc

Extract xTcModKit.exe for example to: D:\xTcModKit\xTcModKit.exe 

Run xTcModKit.exe

Avoid using white spaces in your Directorys! Put xTcModKit.exe in something like:
Put Witcher 3 and the Official Mod Kit also on the same drive.

Vanilla folder: 
If u like to cook with texture.cache file. 
Whis will pack some of the xbm and w2mesh files into a faster loading texture.cache file. 

U also need this folder if u like to build a mod from scratch!

So if u uncook the vanilla files (drag&drop empty folder) it will uncook the entire game, as a resource for cooking with texture cache (this will take 80gb of space if u have the goty version).