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*** I do not grant permission for the use of my voice in training AI models for any reason. *

* Content made of this mod is permitted with proper credit and a link if applicable (short form doesn't like links, I get it, "Stardew Voices on Nexus Mods" in the caption or said somewhere in the video also works!!) ***




1.0.1 Beta Update:

  • Error when trying to find files on Mac or Linux machines now fixed.
  • Mod can now locate resource files even if the Mod folder has an unexpected file structure (Mods/Nested Folder/StardewVoices is a valid file structure now)
  • Mod folder is no longer case sensitive (it had to be named "mods" EXACTLY on Mac and Linux machines, now any case combination is fine, i.e. Mods, mods, MODS, mODs, etc...)
  • Error handling improved so most errors will not crash the mod or game anymore (yay!!!)

**Stardew Voices is an effort to add full voice over to the characters of Stardew Valley.
Currently only Abigail is dubbed as a proof of concept.

What can it do??

  • Events, Festivals, Text Bubbles, and most Dialogue Lines have been voiced. If it is NOT, that means I have not found it in the external or internal files or there is a bug with finding the appropriate dialogue ID or audio Cue. Either way, please let me know!

  • Dialogue volume control can be access in the Stardew Voices Menu by pressing "V" on your keyboard

I fully intend to dub all characters, and they will continue to be added at a pace that my financial situation allows (voice actors will be PAID). The video above provides more info on how casting will be handled (do not message me to ask to voice in it... you will be barred from auditioning if you do this... go through the proper channels).

Currently in BETA!!! You will most likely run into bugs! Feel free to let me know at: [email protected] with [Bug Report] in the email title.

Current limitations:

 - Only supported for PC

  • Random noun/adj dialogue lines have been hard coded (you probably won't even notice)
    ex: "Last night I dreamt my hand turned into a gigantic %noun" -> "Last night I dreamt my hand turned into a gigantic dragon"

  • Built dialogue strings for NPC gift preferences: 
    ex: "Did you know that my dad hates 'Garlic'? He finds it absolutely sickening. I think he might be allergic."

  • Each sentence is a separate dialogue line in the files so there are many possible combinations for this dialogue string.

  • Only Abigail is voiced

  • Unexpected behavior may be caused by other mods. Feel free to make a bug report if you run into issues! I want to work to make this mod as compatible with as many other mods as possible :) 

  • Some lines may be rerecorded for quality assurance purposes. 

It's 849 but 850 is nicer.

I might have recorded dialogue that is never actually used in the game... but better safe than sorry!!!

1. Install the latest version of SMAPI2. Download this mod and unzip it into Stardew Valley/Mods.
3. Run the game using SMAPI.

Hi friends!! My name is Shannon Hobby, I'm a software engineer and voice actor based out of New Jersey. You may have heard me as Satina

This mod has been a long time in the making and I'm so excited to share it with you! 

While it has taken a backseat to allow me time to develop this mod, I also have a Youtube Channel and am an Affiliate Streamer on Twitch. Now that the mod sprint is behind me, I fully intend to start these back up on a sustainable schedule :)

You can get updates about the mod and also my cats from my Twitter.

If you are asking this I love you ????

Non-Monetary Ways to Help:

  • I'm going to be promoting this mod the best I can to gauge interest! Liking, commenting, sharing, subscribing, all that algorithm stuff REALLY does help! If you're excited about this mod, this is a great way of letting me know!!!

  • Break my mod

  • Do it... break it... find all the ways it can destroy your game... let me know and I'll fix it ASAP!!

  • Feedback

  • Hear an airplane in the background of the audio?? Editing inconsistent on a certain line??? Line read doesn't match dialogue string?? LET ME KNOW!! I will fix it you won't hurt my feelings!!


I want to be ABUNDANTLY CLEAR that this project does not require outside funding for it to be completed. I will be paying out of pocket at a pace that is responsible for my current financial situation. THAT BEING SAID!! I think it would be silly of me not to provide you a place to donate if your current situation allows this and you so desire to! Ko-fiand Paypalare both good options!

NO PRESSURE THOUGH!! This is just about SPEED of development, there is no rush! 

**Disclaimer:**These donations are non-refundable, please don't donate if you aren't in a position to!

CJB Cheats Menu and CJB Item Spawner for making testing less of a nightmare!!! You're awesome!!

SMAPIof course!! If you've enjoyed Stardew Valley Mods, the grand majority of them are NOT POSSIBLE without this open source tool.
Please consider donating!

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