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This is a backport of Xocco3's Mead Replacer mod with permission from the author Xocco. The description below is copied from the original mod.

I didn't quite dig the mead models in Vanilla, so I decided to create new ones, Modeled them in Blender. Had a bit of a tussle with
that glass shader stuff. Still wrapping my head around the basics of .nif and the Creation Kit. Soon, I'll toss in my own Cubemaps, once I
figure out how to make them Work in Nifskope, LOL.

The models might look different depending on your setup. I took the shots using Pi-Cho ENB + Azurite Weathers.

Animated version In optional Files

Esp flagged as Esl

Future Plans:

  • ~~Mead with Juniper Berry~~

  • ~~Argonian Ale~~

  • ~~Cubemaps for shiny Glass~~

  • ~~Empty Mead Bottle~~

  • ~~Empty Ale Bottle~~

  • ~~Dragon's Breath Mead~~

  • ~~Ashfire Mead~~

  • ~~Aminated Version ... (Maybe)~~


Survival Mode (AE) Compatibility Patch in Optional Files

Probably incompatible with mods that change bottle values.

The mod is complete, unless something bad happens (I hope not).
Thanks to:
fadingsignal for their Custom Cubemaps and Metal tutorial,
BrettM for their FPI Animated Textures tutorial,
Pixelhate for the Material and Textures Animations with Nifskope tutorial.