Witcher Samurai Hat LE

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Update: Uploaded an optional version with out the halo.

Update 1.6: Updated textures and Nif file to look more like my SE version.   

Update 1.5: Adjusted metal textures to properly use environment maps so they look more metallic. Fixed some texture paths. Fixed the spelling of the texture folder which was causing an issue.

This was a project i started for Witcher 3. But after losing my game saves and remembering modding for that game being a bit of a pain, i decided to finish it up for Skyrim. 

It is crafted with the Daedric smithing perk and its armor is roughly that of the Daedric helm.

   I may attempt to make the ice halo rotate in the future and add an ice mist effect. But for now im pretty happy with it.

I also may attach a specific hair style or neck drape. It looks fine, but i had some hair clipping and raised it up a bit higher than i originally wanted to fix this. My test was limited but it should look fine with most hair and hoods that allow the use of circlets.

Let me know of any issues. 

SE 1.6 version: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/53313

Unzip the data folder to your Skyrim directory.