Nymph's Alura And Vera Presets Altmer and Dunmer

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Bijin Skin, High Poly Head by Vector Plexus, Female Makeup Suite, KS Hairdos, SG Eyebrows, Iridum eyes, and Dunmer Overlays should be the major requirements for them. Also recommend Expressive Facial Animation. I used PRT X ENB in these shots. :)

Using BDO Eclipse and Auriel's Bow of Light on Alura, DX Necromancer and a modified chitin armor on Vera.

*Note: this a port of sse so when you gonna do the setup you will find the eyes and hair of different type and color, so you will have to go down one step in hair type and color, eyes are 00customfemaledunmerredeyes(8) or something like that, dont get afraid of the nifs, they work great if you use in racemenu.*Instructions; first load her from the preset tab, after on the sculpt tab an vuala, your pretty elf