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Sondas, 10th of Last Seed, 4E201

Nepos the Nose sits alone at the firepit, reading the order given to him. The King in Rags has instructed him to send an able young man to strike fear in the heart of the Nords. With a heavy sigh, he began looking through the lists to find a suitable candidate.
How many times have he done this? When will all of this ends? He thinks to himself, as he drafts the letter.
Then suddenly, he was approached by a hooded figure without warning. The figure said something to Nepos, and vanished without a trace, along with the letter.
It seems Nepos was the only one who acknowledged the strange visitor, as none of his maids have any recollection of the figure.
"All in due time," repeated Nepos. Seeing this as a sign, Nepos decided to delay his master's order, until the time comes.

Thanks to this mysterious figure, now you, the player, will be spared by witnessing a cold-blooded murder on your first visit to the fair city of Markarth.

I have always thought the scene, and the aftermath, gets too "in your face." It does not feel right when I reject Eltry's request, then coming back to him in 6 months, only to find him waiting for me (possibly every night) at the Shrine of Talos in Markarth.

There is a wonderful mod called "the Choice is Yours" that blocks the forced dialogue with him, which is nice. It does not, however, solve the funny dialogue of you coming back to the city after 2 months, and he talks to you about the attack as if it had just happened 5 minutes ago. This mod is meant to address that issue.

This mod give the players the choice to outright disable the intro scene in Markarth.
Since this means it would also block the quest "House of Horrors" from happening, I have decided to add an option for the players to happen without the murder happening.

So what does this mod do? Simple.
The mod disables two trigger boxes in Markarth: one by the main gate, and one at the entrance inside Arnleif and Sons Trading Company. The former box handles the murder scene, the latter box handles the dialogue discussing the commotion in the market.
The mod then adds a check to 7 NPCs' AI package related to these scenes, so they will not use it until the mod deems it appropriate.
Then the mod gives the player a Mod Configuration Menu to let the player decide when it is appropriate for those two scenes to occur.

As for House of Horror, I just added a check that would allow the player to find Vigilant Tyranus at Markarth without having to murder scene to play out.

Mod Configuration Menu
There are now three checkboxes for you to play with: one decides whether the scene will play when you visit Markarth, one that decides the scene with Vigilant Tyranus, and the one that uninstalls the mod.
As you can see from the screenshot, the checkbox is not always available to you. I have to grey out the checkbox in some situations to prevent problems from occurring.

Here are the three situations:

  • You are near Markarth. My testing shows that if you enable the scene too close to the city, sometimes the actors may not be in place for the scene to play correctly, and you will see Weylin slowing walking to the market with a dagger in his hand. This should give him some time to walk to his spot.

  • Kerah, Margret, or Weylin has died in your game. The scene just doesn't look right with any of those three dead.

  • When the scene is already playing. Pretty self-explanatory.

Hopefully it would not be too much of a problem for you.

You will need the latest version of Skyrim, because this is done with the latest version of SKSE. No if or buts.
You will need SkyUI for the Mod Configuration Menu. You can still use this mod without it, but the scene will be lost forever unless you use console magic.

Installation & UninstallationFor installing, just drop the .esp and .bsa into your data folder, and enable it with your mod manager of choice.

For uninstalling, click the "Uninstall" button in MCM, and give it a few seconds before you save and quit. It should not leave too many footprints behind.
If situation #2 mentioned above has happened, you will not get the scenes back for obvious reasons. Do be careful with who you kill.

Any mod that does not change the two scenes mentioend above should be compatible with this mod. So city mods should be okay.
Any mod that does not change the following NPC's special AI package related to the scene should be okay:


This mod is compatible with Timing is Everything
This mod is compatible with Somebody Else's Problem

Known Issue
Margret will tell you she's shopping, even though she never leaves the inn. That's default behavior, and I don't want to broaden my scope too much. Feel free to disable her if that bothers you.

I have tested it for a few days before release. It is not a very complex mod so it should work fine now. Do let me know if you come across any problems.
When you report a problem, please let me know how to reproduce it. This way it would be easier for me to find out the cause. Thank you.