Moonpath to Elsweyr

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About this mod

Only the Khajiit know the secret paths of the moon that lead the followers of the Mane back to Elsweyr.

Now one of these paths is open to the dova of Skyrim, long thought lost this path leads to a base deep in the hart of the jungles of in Elsweyr. Enjoy the custom tropical foliage, forest queen spiders, river crabs, quests and a uniq


This mod does not have any known dependencies other than the base game.

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  • Upload permission You are not allowed to upload this file to other sites under any circumstances
  • Modification permission You are allowed to modify my files and release bug fixes or improve on the features so long as you credit me as the original creator
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Author Notes

Hi guys the work in this has reached over 100 hours. making it a bit dear. As it is now slowly becoming possible to receive donations, i'd rather not see people take the mod and mess with it.

I stil have the foliage and some other resources on the nexus, feel free to use these. But the mod and core assets such as the custom textures for giant trees and the custom airshiop i'd rather keep.

You can still request use of the assets. And I hand them out quite often, but for now please send me a PM first.

File Credits

Author: Muppetpuppet

Quest dialogue writing , creative input and editing. LaserWerewolf


  • Aleyt: Ulvarmarison
  • yura: Ulvarmarison
  • Ameir: Ulvarmarison
  • Dervar: elementxstyle
  • mervar: elementxstyle
  • Khulan Chishiokage
  • Eri'dor':elementxstyle
  • Sload: elementxstyle
  • Deepclaw:elementxstyle
  • Ka'mel: elementxstyle
  • Pahmar Guard: elementxstyle
  • Jo'ran: Fnorkus (
  • Agronian botanist: Fnorkus
  • Jellikir: Fnorkus
  • Topal Sea Base NPCs: elementxstyle
  • Additional Voices: Matthew Isenhour and friends
  • Ambient jungle sounds: Jimmytrousers

Donation Points System

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  • Turkish
  • Spanish
  • Polish
  • German

Translations Available On Nexus Mods

  • German Author: muppetpuppet und Verodor
  • Polish Author: marcus1201 i dawidthum
  • Spanish Author: EliasMadness
  • Turkish Author: TRueLeGenD
  • Other Author: translation by Stchi Wong


  • Version 9.5

    • lots of bugfixes
    • new trees and foliage
    • fixed water bug
    • moved entire entrance to the khajiit hanging around at the deadmansdrink inn in falkreath
  • Version 8.92

    • fixed lots of bugs
    • added by the light of the moon quest, to travel to elsweyr
    • removed mountain door
    • added imga,, the apeman vassals of the thalmor.. meet the imga brute
    • multiple new area's finalized all audio
  • Version 8.6

    • added missing voices
    • normalized all audio voice volumes
    • added the new entryway and start quest.. starts outside
    • two new area's
    • pimped raptor and therium shaders
  • Version 8.1

    • Sload questline added
    • Khulan upgraded and changed for better traveling with the waning moon
    • new voices
    • waning moon command deck added
    • sload lair accesible from the start
    • bugfixes
    • changed placment desert thalmor
    • new dialogue for J'oran and topal sea base inhabitants
    • bugfixes to navmeshes
    • gameplay diifculty increased , especially for raptors and sload
  • Version 7.3

    • fixed data dir in archive
  • Version 7.2

    • Added Zahilisk raptor saurian enemy
    • added large forest area Tenmar Cathedral
    • fixed enemy drops
    • added new voices where available
    • fixed justicar kill bug,, he just needs to die..
    • switched all voices to correct .fuz file format compressed and correct to engine
    • switched to clean bsa file upload
    • tweaked male siligonder armor a bit for morphs
  • Version 6.66

    • added desert style questline
    • added siligonder chitin armor
    • fixed most of phaota's new images
    • changed ambient sound to jimmies donated ambience loop
    • fixed khulan travel bug
  • Version 6.62

    • Desert Oasis area added, new alchemy and crafting quest coming soon
    • Waning moon captain's cabin added in hideout
    • Justicar's cabin area added to airbattle scene
    • Fixed khulan so he's not hittable by player
    • Justicar DEath triggers next queststage
  • Version 6.62

    • Removed vanilla voice overs, increases immersion
    • merchant in waterways is no longer a merchant (voice conflict)
    • merchant in desert is no longer a merchant (voice conflict)
    • blacksmith added to desert outpost (merchant)
    • Custom item drops for all new custom enemies (AKA hyena meat etc etc)
    • Fixed some graphic glitches reported by phaota
    • updated most navmeshes
    • Compressed some textures to save space
  • Version 6.61

    • Made ESM version, without BSA all source full extracted
  • Version 6.51

    • Added new "baby dungeon" Topal Sea pirate base
    • fixed some holes and minor annoyances
    • Talk to Khulan after finishing incursion to go to the new "baby dungeon"
  • Version 6.6

    • finsihed rebuilding the past
    • fixed travelling between desert and topal sea with khulan
    • fixed visual bugs in topal sea
    • expanded the desert/thalmor base to be prettier
    • fixed minor bugs
  • Version 6.3

    • created a master
    • fixed facegen issue
    • navmesh CTD not occuring in ems file
    • openenings in world
    • all voices complete
  • Version 5.1

    • Fixed Navmeshes
    • Added custom entrance, more set dressing
    • Added a book "on the nature of the moonpaths"
    • removed possible conflicts
    • fixed quest objectives