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Ruddy88 and Syclonix

LAL Character Class & Respec




This mod adds aims to overhaul your starting stats as well as your ongoing skill progression whenever you begin a new game.
It has been designed to work with the popular mod: Live Another Life - Alternate Start.

Your starting skills will now be determined by 3 things.
Your RACE, your chosen CLASS, and a final chosen MAJOR SKILL.
At the start of a new game, your skill levels will be reset to 10. Your chosen RACE, CLASS and MAJOR skill will then increase your skills by varying amounts depending on your choices. You will also receive an adjusted level rate multi (the rate at which you gain EXP) for each skill depending on the final values. 

This mod was designed to create a better role play aspect, your choices now matter and will affect your ability to learn certain skills. I have designed this in a way that you will still have freedom of how to build your character, with 20 classes to choose form inspired by Oblivion and Morrowind, you will still have the freedom to focus on the core skills that you want, but it will be much harder to become a master of everything.

So... why not use CCO - Character Creation Overhaul?
Well, in short, that mods does a lot. Mine is much more simplified in how it is executed.
I had spoken to the CCO author years ago when I first started this mod (it got thrown in the back seat for awhile) and have even used his skill dispersion and captions as a base (where they differ from morrowind/oblivion).
At the time I started this, there was also no SSE port for CCO. Now there is, but it appears to have a lot of issues and is not handled by the original author. You can use either, and the work that went in to CCO is quite amazing, but I like to keep things simple and fuss free where I can.

NOTE: You CAN install this mod mid-playthrough, however you won't be able to
actually use it without starting a new game as it triggers in the Alternate Start holding cell.


Alternate Start - Live Another Life LE
This mod does NOT need SKSE to work.
Mods that add extra beginnings to LAL will work just fine.


When you begin a new game using LAL, you will first make your character, then find yourself in the starting "holding cell".
The menu's will trigger as you either approach the starting bed, or as you leave the cell (if you choose that starting option).

This screen simply shows you the bonuses received from your chosen race during character creation.
Your chosen race will grant an additional 20 skill points usually spread out over 3 skills (10, 5 and 5).

*CLASS:*Next up is the classes.
There are 20 Classes to choose from. Each class adds an additional 30 skill points spread across 6 skills (usually 5x6 but a couple of classes may distribute these points slightly different but still receive the same total points).
When you select a class, it will display the actual skill bonuses in a new message box, and you will have the option to either confirm or return to the selection screen.

*MAJOR SKILL:*Finally, you can then select ONE Major Skill.
This skill receives an additional +10 points, but also adds a perk that allows you to learn this skill quicker throughout the entirety of the game.

*CONFIRM/RESTART:*The last screen will give you an option to either confirm your selections, or to return to the first menu and start over.

Once you have locked in your selections, the mod first resets ALL your skills to 10. It then applies your skill bonuses.
Lastly, the mod will apply invisible perks to the player that will modify your skill progression rate.
All "untouched" skills will now progress at 50% of vanilla. 
Skills with boosts will level as normal.
Your chosen MAJOR skill will level 50% faster than vanilla.

NOTE: There are some things that you can do in vanilla right away that you will now have to train for.
An example is Smithing. In vanilla, you can temper an iron dagger immediately, however if you use this mod and choose a setup that doesn't buff smithing at all, you will start with smithing at level 10. This will mean you will NOT be able to temper any weapons until you reach a higher smithing level. This can be done by crafting basic things, or by seeing the blacksmith in Markarth (trainer) and paying gold to reach level 15 (the starting level for tempering). This to me makes sense as you would normally need to learn something before you could do it effectively, either through practice or through training.


This mod should be fairly compatibility friendly.
It does not change any perks, it does not modify the starting spells, it does not touch the races at all.
It sets all the skill points purely by script so no vanilla records are modified.

The only incompatibilities I can foresee is other mods that also try to re-balance the starting stats vie script (such as Character Creation Overhaul, of which this mod is heavily inspired by).

Mods that SHOULD work:
Ordinator/SkyRe/PerkusMaximus and other perk overhauls.
Imperious and other starting spell/race ability mods, although any race bonus skill levels will be reset.
This mod does not edit the perks themselves, only the starting values for each skill level.

You MAY find other mods that also alter the skill progression rates. Be aware, that depending how they do it, it might stack the effects with my nerfs, which could slow down skill leveling more than desired.
Again, I don't know of any mods that do this.

Let me know in the comments if you find any mods that definitely don't work, or if you find mods that definitely do work that you can confirm, that you think others might be wondering about.


For those that want a bit more info on how this all plays out compared to vanilla.

In the vanilla game, all skills start at 15.
Your starting bonuses are then ONLY determined by race alone.
Vanilla bonuses add +20 to 5 skills, and +25 to 1 skill.
This results in a final skill point total of 305, with bonuses across 6 skills.
The maximum point total a skill can start as is 35.

whereas in my mod:
All skills are reset to 10. (total: 180)
20 skill points are added from RACE.
30 points are added from CLASS.
10 points are added from your Major Skill.
This brings the total starting points to: 240.
The maximum points a skill can start with is also around 35 (you may be able to get a skill to start higher in very specific combinations but not usually)
To get such a high starting skill though, you would need to select a RACE and CLASS that both have the same skill, and then ALSO select it as your major skill.


As mentioned above, you can stack the skills so that you receive a bigger bonus to specific skills.
This mod will also work with non-vanilla races, non-vanilla Races will all receive the "Other Race" bonuses.


Ruddy88 the Creator of the Mod Syclonix the modder that influenced Ruddy88 to create this mod
Special Edition Version of the mod