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Ordinary household items have value. People need and use these things in their daily life. It's silly that they sell for zero gold to vendors. This mod raises the value of tableware, cookware, tools, pots, baskets, buckets, lanterns, writing supplies, and musical instruments. Weights of some items have been adjusted, as well.

Value adjustments:

Common items that had a base value of 1 (meaning, vendors would offer zero for what you're trying to sell) have been upped to at least 2, so the vendors will offer at least one gold apiece for tankards, wooden plates, quills, etc.

The value of Dwemer kitchenware was doubled, except for that one "Dwemer Bowl" that is visually identical to the "Dwemer Pan," which I reduced in value to match the pan. The value of Dwemer scrap was not changed. (It's literal trash. Smelt it into ingots if you want to sell it.) I added "Dwemer" to the item names for the knife, fork, and spoon for consistency with the other Dwemer items.

The value of the glazed kichenware was increased by varying amounts, averaging around a 75% increase for most items, with a few doubled. The value of the Nordic kitchenware you find in Nordic ruins was set to match their glazed counterparts.

I also added "Glazed" and "Nordic" to the item names to differentiate them.

The value of silver kitchenware was increased significantly, based on the value of the Aretino Family Heirloom (100), the Silver Candlestick from the Thieves Guild quest (75), and silver ingots (50). You won't get rich selling silver goblets, but they're no longer throwaway junk. I added "Silver" to the item names and renamed the candelabra to distinguish it from the candlesticks. Small silver items like goblets are worth 20, and the rare large items like candelabrums and platters are worth 75.

The value of tools is based on the pickaxe and woodcutter's axe (both 5). All tools are worth 5, except brooms which are only 3.

Baskets and buckets have been bumped from 1 to 3.

Lutes and flutes have been doubled in value to 50, and drums (which were severely undervalued) have been tripled to 30.

Unique items, like Balbus's Fork, Ysgramor's Soup Spoon, the bugs in jars, etc. are not included. I thought there was too great a chance of conflict with other mods.

DLC items are not included. The only eligible DLC items I saw were the Dawnguard bloody tankards and bloody silver goblets, platters, and jugs. I figured vendors might not be as keen to pay full price for nasty, blood-encrusted items.

Charcoal and clothes irons have been excluded, because I agree with their default values.

Weight adjustments:

By default, glazed and Nordic bowls and jugs weigh 0.5, same as cups and goblets, despite being much larger, so I bumped the weight of the bowls to 1 and jugs to 2. The pots were various weights, despite being roughly the same size, so I adjusted all glazed and Nordic pots to 3.

Dwemer bowls were already 2, so I left the two large bowls at that weight, but dropped the weight of the small metal one to 1, while raising the weight of the Dwemer Dish and Dwemer Pan to 1, to match the default weight of the Dwemer Plate.

I thought it was silly that the default weight of the kettle (which is enormous) was 2, while the small and medium cast iron pots were 3 and 6 respectively, so I adjusted the kettle to 10 (seriously, that thing is huge). I was going to drop the weight of the cast iron, but I put my real-life cast iron pan on the scale and decided the default weights were pretty accurate.

Likewise, I was going to drop the hammer's weight to 2, but then I weighed an antique hammer, which really was 3 pounds.

I really ought to raise the weights of silver and Nordic (bronze) items because metal is heavy, but I don't feel like it. This is sufficient for my present needs, so I consider this mod complete. I don't plan on making any updates, unless something turns out to be truly broken. If you don't agree with my choices, feel free to open the mod in TES5Edit and adjust the values and weights to suit your preferences.


This mod will conflict with Clothing and Clutter Fixes and any other mods that change clutter items.

USLEEP is not required, but I have carried over the changes from USLEEP so it won't conflict.