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This is an experimental mod inspired by Nude Spells mod, and includes a spell to force target character to drop equipped gear but only for selected body part.
The purpose of this mod is to test body parts keywords from "Armor Clothes and Weapon Framework" (a mod I uploaded some days ago), however it can
work with any armor or clothes, but it's more interesting if you use it with armor sets adapted to that framework, for example This one.
The spell isn't aggressive, so targets will not attack you, so, you can use it to stole items easily, but note that some dropped items can be considered stolen if someone catches you picking them.
Note that it's a experimental mod, so it isn't tested intensively, if you find issues or bugs, tell me and I'll try to solve.

About nudity: this mod only unequip NPCs gear, so doesn't cause full nudity for character unless you replace vanilla body with a no-underwear version.


Install as usual, to get the spell in game use console:
-Open console and type: help Drop
-Then, search ID for Drop your Gear spelltome (or you can add the spell directly).
-Type player.additem XXXXXXXX 1 (replacing XXXXXXXX with item ID).
-Read spell book to learn the spell.