Civil War Battlefields all across Skyrim

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**Funny, how a civil war can rages on, and we see no clashes, no battles, outside of the CW side quests! :/

So it bothered me! enough to make me do something about it :D
and here is the result!

Over a dozen battlefields, where NPCs just fight until one side is utterly defeated and crushed!
Join your faction and help them win the battle! or stand aside and watch, but don't forget to enjoy :p**
All the battlefields are marked,and can be teleported to(fast travel)
Battlefields are randomly placed all over the map
If it's in the stormcloak territory, the Stormcloaks will have the upper hand
and if it's in Imperial territory, the reverse is true
Soldiers have a variety of different items, different weapons for Stormcloaks,different loot for all NPCs
The outcome of each battle can change,depending on your actions,or inaction! it's all random! you can watch the same battle ends in two different ways every time!
make sure to comment and review the mod, any and all suggestions are welcome.