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Arlekin-SparrowPrince-Step Modifications

Better Dynamic Ash**100% organic volcanic ash
Better Dynamic Ash (BDA) uses the shader created by SparrowPrince for Better Dynamic Snow. It's been updated to apply the installed ash texture as a material to objects that appear in Solstheim (Dragonborn DLC); thus, giving the user ash covered objects.


  • 31 "bug fixes" to vanilla ash objects

  • Updated the "AshMaterial*" variants to apply the ash texture slightly better

  • Replaced 365 object references across Solstheim with ash covered versions

  • Adds new ash versions of 82 objects. These are objects that didn't have an "ash" version in vanilla.

  • Corrected the shader angle on 19 objects. This reduces the "stretching" effect with with texture replacers.

Screenshots are from the SE version of the mod, however, the result is the same.


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