Unlocked Crystal Left Bracelets (Masculine Frame)

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Sometimes we want to collect crystals and metals and make things with them. Other times, we just want to dress our sims. Sometimes we want to have both earrings AND the matching necklaces (feminine frame here and masculine frame here) AND the matching bracelets (feminine frame here and here), and of course we want them for masculine framed sims too.

5 bracelets, always available in CAS, for masculine and feminine clothing preferences, but restricted to masculine frame (the feminine frame version is linked above).

All have the 28 original swatches.

Disabled for random. Enabled only for Everyday, Formal, Party, Hot Weather and Cold Weather. Otherwise the tags are the same as the originals.



They REQUIRE the Crystal Creations Stuff Pack. (Or red and white sims with question marks will occur.)

If you craft a bracelet in game and have a sim wear them, the bracelet will be available in CAS twice. That is the way things work, nothing I can do about that.