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Like all my careers this requires the XML Injector.

Here's playable careers from Get Famous.  You can define each NPC role and play as these careers.  Out of all of them only the paparazzi career needs a specific trait.  The filter has a photography skill of 5 originally.  I don't know if it's actually needed, but there you have it.  This pack includes these careers:

Dolly Camera Operator
Makeup Artist
Special Effects Operator
Wardrobe Stylist and

The Producer has a few levels:
Commercial Director
Daytime TV Director
Prime Time TV Director
Film Director

I tried to assign skill levels that I thought made sense for each, mainly getting high in writing and a bit in acting.  I suggest assigning a Sim to each level to get the most out of it.  In my test for a Film gig each Sim assigned to this career actually showed up as a Producer while the main Sim appropriate for the gig one was the director, so if you wanted to set things up I suggest doing it that way.

The Bouncer career is all-new.  I made it to control the Bouncer in front of the VIP rope who is, without this mod, randomly selected from unimportant Sims with a fitness level above 6.  Of course my mod eliminates this requirement, but you can always make your Sim have this level.

One NPC I left out was the Starlight Studios host, which was, like the bouncer, randomly plucked from unimportant Sims.  While I suppose I could make this definable, this time I'm just leaving it be.  While the bouncer appears all the time, you don't get awards all the time.