Japanese Journeys - Anime Posters Bundles X 4

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UPDATE 23APR24: Well, I made a couple of errors on these packages, I'm so sorry. The word Journeys was misspelled in all packages, and the tri-poster package wasn't showing as buyable. All fixed now, and please re-download.


This is the first post for my Japanese Journeys project 😁 And to get you in the mood, this set is available for FREE immediately! The rest of the project will be Early Access, so get these now!

For your anime enamoured Sims, I bring you 4 bundles of Anime Posters, with a total of 55 Swatches!

The three sets of singular posters are 15 Simoleons in game, while the triple poster set is 65 Simoleons. All are found in Decor>Paintings and Posters

The triple poster (set 1) is an altered mesh:

Polygons - 12


SET 1 - 7

SET 2 - 12

SET 3 - 18

SET 4 - 18