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Change Logs:

Version 1.1.0:- new volunteer events added

Version 1.0.2:

  • Fixed few minor issues found in logs
  • Fixed all exceptions
  • Minor change for Max Ecology skill (visual change)
  • Managed to change the workshops to be fully base compatible :)

Version 1.0.1:

  • Unnecessary parts (like buff) removed (code cleaning)



XML Injector 

My mod is base game compatible. Some features may require expansion packs, however, if you don't have them, the mod won't cause any errors. The specific function just won't appear during gameplay.


To fully enjoy all the benefits of the mod, it is required to add the 'Captain Eco' trait. You can add it when creating a Sim or purchase it as a reward. The new trait is available to Sims from the 'Young Adult' age.


New interactions

When you have the Captain Eco trait enabled, new interactions will become available to you.


Ecological Awareness Skill

The mod enables the development of a new skill called 'Ecology', which increases Sims' ecological awareness. The higher the skill level, the more social interactions Sims unlock.



You can develop this skill by reading the 'Ecology Skill vol. 1-3' books."


You can also develop your Ecology skill to a lesser extent by browsing the internet on your phone (thanks to a new dedicated app).



At level 7 of the skill, you unlock the ability to host ecological workshops to increase the awareness of other Sims and also to earn some money.

Captain Eco meets other Captain Eco

When a Sim with the Captain Eco trait starts a conversation with another Sim who also has this trait, they will receive a confidence buff.

The conversation will proceed smoothly, and Sims will enjoy having someone to talk to about environmental protection topics.



I've created a new career path that will require further levels of the 'Ecology' skill.

When a Sim starts working in this profession, they will receive a buff that allows them to brag about their new Eco job.


Teenagers can start working as eco-activists part-time (weekends) or, if you decide they should drop out of school, they can work full-time.Teenagers also receive a buff and a new interaction.



Children can participate in volunteer activities in two paths (Only when you have an expansion pack that allows children to attend extracurricular activities.):

  • Helping with street cleaning
  • Planting trees

When they start extracurricular activities in one of these two paths, they will receive a buff that allows them to boast about being like adults :)

New Green Books

Additionally, I have created new books for regular reading:

  • Genre: SCI-FI


  • a book for toddlers


Now you can read to toddlers and raise awareness of why environmental protection is important for the planet we live on.

I hope my mod will be well received. I'm new to the community, and I wanted my first mod to be comprehensive and introduce exciting gameplay.



Translation assistance and creation of some descriptions - GPT from OpenAI 

Icon creation - AI from Canva


If you have any questions or find any bug please join discord [here]

You can check out my Patreon [here]

You can also buy me a coffe so I will drink it while creating other mods ;) [ko-fi here]