LSPD and FBI 'Wolf Grey' Custom SWAT Uniforms

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Grey is the new Black; the disruptive coloration for your urban environment needsIgnoring the made up clickbait statement I made above: I wanted to give Wolf Grey some love. This coloration has become a staple of many European LEO units and Counter-Terrorism units, but really doesn't have too much official representation in the US (not surprised, OD/Ranger Green and MC is hard to beat). So, I decided to make some lore-friendly*(ish)* uniforms for SWAT in Los Suenos SWAT and FBI themes. 

Both of these uniforms are completely made up and patch choices are entirely made from my imagination, as these units don't actually exist. If that's a deal breaker for you, sorry :/ . If not, I hope you find these following details exciting!

What these uniforms do/have:

  • Branded "Mechanix Specialty 0.5mm Covert" and "Mechanix M-PACT® 3 Covert" inspired gloves
  • OpsCore FAST SF-styled Velcro added to the helmet shell
  • Branded Contour 4k helmet mounted action camera and branded lens
  • Branded MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X ear protection
  • Personalized blood-type and allergy markings on most ear protection
  • Crye Precision branding to uppers (when applicable) and lowers of all members
  • Hi-Vis textured US Flags on all members (does not actually have IR compatibility, but lookslike it does)
  • "X" series callsign patches on all members, additional callsign on Heavy Armor for variety
  • Various LSPD/Police or FBI themed logos (Depending on which uniform pak you are using)
  • "Blackbeard" morale patch on some Light Armor variants and on the Heavy Armor rear pouch (FBI uniform only)
  • FBI badge patch on Heavy Armor pouch and battle belt (FBI uniform only)

**This mod REQUIRES "Vest Retexure Fix" to work as intended. Download it under "Requirements"**Here are some mods that I strongly recommend you use with this retexture, both because they work in tandem with this mod or compliment it nicely:

"Battle Belts For All" model mod made by groans4u4
"RE8 NVGs (MW Accurate)" nightvision model and  Oakley M-Frames mod by UnsellesOther than that, I hope everyone who uses this enjoys this. I think this will bring some nice non-CTSFO variety to Wolf Grey in the modding community. 

Let me know if you like it or if there are any issues with it.

Please endorse and share if you enjoy it!


***Special Thanks****

Ardaksoy aka Trigger for providing me with the LSPD SWAT patch used in the LSPD uniform
QuantumNuke75 for making the amazing Console Unlocker that was used to get the screenshots shown here.

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