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Requires Lennys Mod Loader. For installation put the Remove Screen Effects folder inside lml folder.

If your are using some weird resolution and the screen is black during cutscenes or black bars are not gone completely, open cameras.ymt file with the notepad, go to line 46341 or search for this: <UNK_MEMBER_0xAE00384B. Raise the value until the black screen disappears or lower it until black bars are gone. It is set to "1.77800000" at the moment. Default value was "2.35000000". 

To only enable auto aim with weapons in version 1.3.1 Replace all 0x4D91C5D8 value="false"/> with 0x4D91C5D8 value="true"/>.
If you want to also enable camera lock on for interactions download 1.2 version and set these two to 500 to shorten the death cam:

line number 10535 / change from:      0xEA3300FD value="1400"/>       change to:         0xEA3300FD value="500"/>
line number 10536 / change from:      0xC06B7BFC value="2100"/>       change to:         0xC06B7BFC value="500"/>

To  disable gun recoil:

-open cameras.ymt with notepad
-press ctrl+h
-put:           0x88C9C437 value="1.00000000        inside Find what
-put            0x88C9C437 value="0.00000000        inside Replace with
-press Replace All
-put            0x88C9C437 value="0.50000000        inside Find what
*-put            0x88C9C437 value="0.00000000        inside Replace with*
-press Replace All
-press ctrl+s to save and close the notepad

Remove Screen Effects:
Version 1.1: -fixed cameras
                     -fixed minigames
                     -disabled camera sway

Version 1.2: -fixed mission Home of the Gentry                   
                     -dead eye critical area effect removed
                     -removed cameras.ymt file (now a separate download)

Version 1.2.1: -fixed mission Home of the Gentry in Eagle Eye And Dead Eye versions

Version 1.3: -disabled weapon wheel filter

Version 1.4: -disabled Dead Eye when dueling
                     -removed effects when waking up (too much drinking)

Remove camera shake:

Version 1.1: -fixed camera auto-align on horse
                     -fixed camera while swimming

Version 1.2:  -removes top and bottom black bars on ultra wide screens

Version 1.3: -camera can now be moved freely when you lock on another ped for interaction (auto-aim is now disabled)
                     -reduced death cam duration

Version 1.3.1: -removed auto-aim for the rifles when locked on a ped