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So the time has come to close up shop. I have migrated the files from this page over to the new page at AFK Mods. I won't be adding anything more to this one.

The v0.8 update has been released along with a list of newly created compatibility patches. All can be found HERE 

Trails Of Cyrodiil Complete

In the real world, it's common to find foot trails through the wilderness. These often
begin as game trails made by wildlife, and over time grow into foot paths as humans
use them. Eventually, with enough use, they may become proper roads.

In Cyrodiil we see none of this. There is a basic road network, but no wilderness trails.
There are many wide open wilderness areas with no paths of any kind. Out of the way
places such as abandoned forts and ruins which would logically have had established
trails at one time, degraded by now for sure, but still there to find.


This is an overhaul of the Trails mods created by Malachi Delacot. It is my attempt to
improve things, while staying true to the original theme. Trails Of Cyrodiil Complete is
(will be) a single merged plugin that incorporates all of the previously separate Trails

Routes have been altered in key areas to avoid mod conflicts wherever possible. Path
grids have been added along the entire length of all trails. This means that trails are
now companion friendly. Path textures have been edited to better match existing local
ground textures (meaning they are hopefully more visible). Landscaping has seen some
improvements, but not too much, these are (as they should be) still rough trails.

New extensions have been added in places where Forts or Ruins were near enough to
the original trails to make this logical. The bushes which previously marked trail heads
have been replaced by small rock cairns.


Many. This file is comprised of several previously separate trails. Below is an outline of
what areas are touched.

Bleaker's Way - The name says it all. Adds a trail into the village from the Silver Road. 

Central - Adds a new multi branched path across the South Central portion of Cyrodiil.
The main path stretches from just south of Skingrad all the way to just outside Bravil.
Roughly half way along that route, another path branches off North and connects to
the Red Ring Road at Lake Rumare.

East - Adds a new path from Cheydinhal which winds SouthEast through the Valus Mtns
all the way over to Malada.

SouthEast - Adds a new path taking off from Malada where the East trail ends. Works
it's way South by SE all the way down to Blankenmarch near Leyawiin.

West - Adds a new path with several branches leading West from Chorrol. One route
South from Chorrol to Skingrad. Another path branches off from that and heads West
branching again to connect with Kvatch and further along connects to Brina Cross.  

NorthWest - Adds a new path across the Colovian Highlands. Starts from Atrene Camp
just above Anvil. Heads NorthEast following the Brena River and meanders along the
highlands all the way to Hermaeus Mora's Shrine.

North Short Cut - Provides a quicker route between Bruma and Cheydinhal by adding a
new path from Fort Horunn over to the Silver Road.

Beta Progress To Date

In other words the current state of things at this point in time. We now have completed
enough work on the trails to merge the plugins into a single unified file. Only one load
order slot required now. 

Path grids have been added to all trail portions along the entire routes. Additionally, the
nodes have been converted to blue (preferred) in 99% of the routes. This helps ensure
that your companions stay on the trail when traveling with you. I kept to standard nodes
in areas where the trails intersect vanilla roads. This should keep the horseback patrols
on their intended routes, but may allow your followers to deviate a little bit in those areas.

Reroutes have been performed on most trails in various locations, to varying degrees. As
a measure to eliminate mod conflicts wherever it was possible. Obviously some conflicts
just cannot be avoided. Examples of this are UL Colovian Highlands and Cloudtop Mtns
with the Colovian Trail. There is just no way to route around something so extensive. The
same goes for UL Eastern Peaks...just way too big to get around in any logical fashion. 

Small connecting branches have been added in places where it just made sense to do so.
The whole premise of these backwater trails, in my opinion, was to reach out of the way
places. So I've linked up to anything that was close enough to the original trails to make
that a logical step. Example Northern Shortcut which leads East from the Silver Road at
just above Bleakers Way. It passes right by a vanilla trail which leads to Namira's Shrine.
So I added a small connector which makes that path clearly visible. There are many of
these new connections, which I believe make the trails much more useful.

All of the new trail marker resources have been put in place now. The yellow bushes that
were previously used to mark trailheads have been removed. A nice looking Rock Cairn
resource is now used to mark the start of all trails. Sign posts are placed at intersections
which point to vanilla cities, towns, fort ruins, mines, and other roads. 

A good deal more cleanup work has been done on trail landscaping. Smoothing out some
more of the really rough areas. More grass removal, bush relocation, etc. Hopefully these
improvements make the trails more visible, and easier to follow.

I added the development plugins into BOSS back when I first received permission to do the
overhaul. BOSS should sort the merged plugin properly. If not, do let me know about that.

And so I await feedback from all of the stalwart adventurers out there. Please do give me
your constructive criticism, and any general ideas that may fall in line with my ramblings
from above. Help me make this as good as it possibly can be.


Oblivion patched to 1.2.0416


  1. Extract to your Oblivion Data folder either manually or using the mod manager of
        your choice. 

  2. Set load order. 

  3. Play and enjoy! 

Load Order

Suggest using BOSS to set load order. This file is already recognized.

May conflict with other mods and patches which edit the same game cells. Conflicts will be
addressed once the project gets far enough along. That said, please do let me know about
any mod conflicts you run across while testing this.


Bethesda                 - for Oblivion and the CS
Tes4Edit                  - for cleaning the inevitable dirt from my mods
LHammonds           - for the read-me generator this file was based on
Malachi Delacot      - for the original Trails of Cyrodiil mods this is based on
Lougian                    - for the small rock cairns from "Various Resources"  
Me                            - for design and creation of the mod as it currently exists

Legal Stuff

Please do not upload these files to any other sites without my express consent.