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Welcome to the 53rd installment to my Oblivion Immersion Series.  Food is foundational to culture.  And Cyrodiil has a pretty good variety of food items.  Which is great, but more is always welcome, especially because the food variety is lacking in many key areas.  As the center of a continent-spanning empire, Cyrodiil ought to have food imports from all sorts of places.  Where is all the seafood?  Where are all the spices?  Or food imports from the tropics or Morrowind?

This mod uses Settlements of Cyrodiil as a foundation to expand the types of foods available.  Some of the added foods not in Settlements of Cyrodiil include:

  • new fruits and vegetables: avocado, bamboo shoots, bananas, coconut, green beans, passion fruit, pineapple, plantains, seaweed, olives, figs, dates, yams, pomegranate, truffles, barley, rye, lentils, chickpeas, maiden's veil fungus, cabbage
  • Morrowind ingredients: kwama eggs marshmerrow, saltrice
  • baked goods: corn and flat bread, raston, bread roll; pecan, orange, cherry, cheese, and rhubarb pie; ginger and chocolate cookies
  • condiments/flavorants: olive oil, sugarcane, butter, vinegar, coffee beans, cocoa beans, tea leaves, walnuts, acorns
  • spices: salt, saffron, bay leaves, coriander, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, mustard seeds, poppy seeds, black pepper
  • soups: chicken noodle, cauliflower, cabbage, chowder, onion, mushroom, leek, tomato, etc. soup; curry; lamb, venison, and beef stews
  • akaviri dishes: udon noodles, stirfry, fried rice
  • meat/dairy: clam meat (clams now respawn), shrimp, fish roe, goat cheese

These items will be available at inns, alchemy merchants, and in food-holding containers.

In case you don't already have the Settlements of Cyrodiil master file, it can be found here


Oblivion Version 1.2.0416
Settlements of Cyrodiil Resource Pack v1.3

Installation Instructions

Copy contents into your Oblivion data folder.  

Uninstallation Instructions

Delete the added contents


Will be incompatible with any mod that edit the leveled lists for food items.  Should be at least partially compatible with alchemy ingredient mods that do not add food items exclusively.

Known Issues

None at the moment.  


Feel free to come to me with questions or issues and I will help as best as I can.  That said, please bear in mind that I am a novice modder and may not be able to offer much in the way of assistance.


Thanks to:

Bethesda Softworks
The makers of these wonderful resources
TES Nexus
LHammonds - Readme Generator
mhaan123 - for creating the Settlements of Cyrodiil series

Meshes and textures provided from:

mhaan123 - Settlements of Cyrodiil (see the Settlements of Cyrodiil modpage for full credits)
jbvw - Vaernlor Manor
alimal - Ubanga
TESA Clutterers Guild - TESA Clutter Pack
stroti - Ravenheart
sinHHHAns - sinHHHans Plant Resource
ORTeam - Tiber Septim Hotel Renovated, Vaernlor Manor by ORTeam
Koniption - Koniptions Kreations Resource
Meo3000 - Meo's Static Dishes
samlake - Hot Coffee and Tea
Tchos - Tchos Breakfast Food
Tarnsman - Salmo the Baker v1.0
DavidWhiteFang - David Whitefang Table Settings - Furniture- and Random Clutter
dreamed1, with assets from Tchos and Tarnsman - Skyrim Ingredients for Oblivion
Phitt with MrSiika, Rowan, CaptainUltima, InsanitySorrow, Kzinistzerg, SpeedyB, Lady Nerevar, and Dave91 - Sheogorad - Forsaken Isles ALPHA

I am making this mod open to revision by the public.  If you have any ideas of how to expand or improve upon this mod, then go ahead.  No permission needed.  All I ask is that you give credit to me and to the creators of these resources.  These permissions apply solely to the Cornucopia plugin and do not extend to the Settlements of Cyrodiil resource pack, which is the sole property of mhaan123.  This mod and its content may not be distributed commercially.