Remove your infamy with the 9 Divines

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Remove your infamy with the 9 Divines

What's new with this update?
The mod is more immersive since you will no longer receive the same message when you activate to clear your name when you don't have any infamy or when you have infamy and a pilgrimage in progress among the wayshrines.
Alternatively you can also get rid of your infamy as soon as you receive the last blessing so you don't need to activate the mini chapel any longer.

Don't you find it weird and frustrating the only way you can remove your infamy in the vanilla Oblivion is to use a console code?
Do you think Oblivion would be more enjoyable if you could clear your name an immersion-friendly way by visiting a wayshrine of each of the 9 Divines?

Then rejoice because this mod is for you.
If you have any infamy point visit a wayshrine, activate the statue of the Divine who offers you to start a pilgrimage to restore your reputation. If you accept you can't fast travel until you gained every divine's support. When you're done activate the mini countryside chapel and you won't have any more infamy.

You can re-enable the fast travel anytime, to do it open the console and type enableFastTravel 1

Since 2 wayshrines automatically get destroyed by an Oblivion gate during the main quest you can't use them any longer to get rid of your infamy when they become out of order.

The vanilla Oblivion features 2 wayshrines you can't use. You can now use them so you always have the choice between a minimum 3 places to get each Divine's support.
If you have any mod that alters these normally unusable wayshrines I created some setstage codes so you can enable and disable them anytime you want.

I included the codes in the downloadable file.

Copy and paste Remove your infamy with the 9 Divines.esp in your Oblivion\Data
Preferably use a mod manager like Wrye bash or Oblivion/TES mod manager to activate the plugin
Use something like LOOT or BOSS to sort your load order.
Conflicts and incompatibilities:
Should be compatible with everything.

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