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No Sorcery Around Here- by DavideMitra -

  • WARNING - This mod DOESN'T exactly ban magic from Tamriel!!! If you were looking for something like that, there's another modification that makes your case (its name is No Magic Effects). However, it requires Oblivion Magic Extender.
  • THE MOD -
    **First of all, this mod works for Vanilla Oblivion, so Shivering Isles and other official expansion packs are NOT supported.

The modification aims to bring you a more realistic combat experience:
It removes scrolls, spells and staves from hostile foes' inventory - ONLY hostile foes' inventory (bandit wizards, scamps, spriggans, wraiths, named NPCs who are clearly evil, named NPCs who will reveal their evil nature after some time, etc).
It also removes the unrealistic reflect-damage ability from foes like Unicorn and clannfears and healing abilities like the troll's one or the Umbra's one.
Finally, it stops vampire enemies to cast trademark chameleon spells.
A must-have mod for soldiers, boxers, and any other kind of pure melee/hand to hand fighters!

Of course, there are some exceptions:
(1) Mehrunes Dagon (he's the final boss...magic will make him even harder to avoid)
(2) There are three enemies (will-o-the-whisp, ghost, lich) that don't have a single melee animation. So, they'll continue to cast magic. The only difference is that liches will fight without staves.
(3) Special fighters like the Arena gladiators will still be able to cast their fortify attribute effect. That will make them more challenging foes (without their specific fortify spell, they would remain weak, common warriors...and this would lead to annoying fights).
(4) Most Mythic Dawn agents will continue to summon their special armor+mace: without their fighting equipment, each of them would look embarassing wanna-be!
(5) I decided that minotaurs would still be able to use their magic headbutt attack. It damages your health and I think it's realistic: an headbutt like that - from a beast like that - would smash your armor in a second!**?!?  DID I MISS A FOE  ?!?
Cyrodiil contains thousands of, I can't deny there's a little chance that somebody wasn't covered by the mod's changes.
Should you find a foe that doesn't act like he/it was supposed to act, please send me a message on the related forum section (you can find the forum section near the comments section). I will release an update as soon as possible.
The comment must contain as much details as possible (Where did I met the foe? Was it quest-related? What kind of magic effects was he/it using? Etc.)
Before posting, you should also consider that official expansion packs are not covered by this mod. Also, if you see an NPC who regenerates his health bar, that's probably because he carried an healing potion in the inventory. This mod doesn't remove potions and it will never do that.