Hunter Elf Race

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Hunter Elf Version .01 Alpha

Wanted a race that has Orc stats, with a somewhat believable story behind their origins.

In-Game Description:
Natives of the region between Skyrim, Hammerfell and High Rock which includes Orsinium, the Gaimer lived side by side with what would become the Orsimer. When Trinimac became Malacath, they emigrated north, into North Skyrim. The Gaimer there became skilled as armorers, thieves, and mercenaries and began to spread out across Tamriel. Now, they plot to carve out their own territory.

Mods used: XEO, Thanks guys for the great resources.

Release notes:
Females are the only sex supported currently
Currently, any other hair packs will have to be modded to work with the race through TESCS. I plan on adding support for owners of different packages.
Has all human/mer hairs in Vanilla Oblivion

Distribution notice:
Please share this on the internet, but please include this text file. I have NO issue with derivative works, please feel free to use, no need to ask. If you make improvements, please submit them to me, so I can credit you and share it on my page for Hunter Elf.