Fear and Hunger OST Replacer

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//What it changes//

This mod replaces dungeons/caves and battle musics with some from fear and hunger, it also replaces the main menu music aswell as the death sound.

//Instalation guide//

-First of all, do a Backup of you music folder, this is in case you want to remove it

Instalation for Music + Oblivion musics

-Simply drag the Music folder in your Data folder and overite it, done!

Instalation for Music + Silent Oblivion musics (there wont be music when outside or in cities) 

-First go to your Music folder, there should be this 2 folders Explore and Public, open both and delete ALL the mp3s inside them

-After that drag the Music folder from the mod in your Data folder and overite it, done!

The reason you have to do this is becuse if you delete the mp3s and leave a blank folder the game bugs and musics start to get messed up, so i decided to leave silent mp3s for that

**//Recommended Mods/Setup//**This is the section in case you want to make your game feel more like fear and hunger so heres what i did for it:

-Install some basic needs mod and set it to the hardest if you can, i use basic primary needs and set it so the need for hunger and drink goes really fast but sleep goes for long, also removed the stat debuffs that it does and if hunger reaches 0 the character actualy dies of hunger.

-Get some way to make dungeons darker to the point you need use a torch, you can either lower the brightness or actualy get a mod for it

-Use a combat mod that makes the enemies hit hard but not be damage sponges, i got some mods to almost do that but its not perfect neither i can find alot of mods that do it so i cant recomend anything, if you can do a fun setup for you then good

-Lower view distance, basecly the game will create a fog like in termina and will make things more suprising, 15%-20% should be ok

**//Credits//**Credits to Miro Haverinen for making the songs and fear and hunger games