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Welcome! To Dragon Guard Fortress. A Large fortress for all your player and companion needs (hopfully.)
First off This is only my 2nd mod and 1st house mod. my first being a CM partners mod. (See Cm Succubus partners)

I took a great deal of time to make this mod as good as I could get it with the ablity that I have. So with that said I hope that y'all try it out, and if you like it come back and comment or just endorse.

Please no bashing or crude, rude, or distatful comments. I will however take constructive criticism.


-A large fortress that has plenty of room both inside and out.
-Many custom textures, meshes, pictures and more. I did not create any of these myself, they are all created by many of the talented modders here on the Nexus as open use mod resorces. And I am very greatful for their contrabution.

-Custom Chrorrol mage's guild style building compleat with my take on what an enchanting alter, spellmaking alter and alchemy lab should look like, with alphabeticaly labled ingredient storage. A large library on the 2nd floor and sleeping quarters on the 3rd.

-Custom Chorrol fighters guild style building, with side tower, outdoor and indoor training areas.

-Personal royal bedroom with lots of safe storage, a personal bathroom, a large gold and black royal bed and more.

-Or if you're character is the evil kinda person, a Dark sactum, compleat with safe storage, alchemy lab with ingredient storage, enchanting alter and spell making alter. and an oblivion plant garden.

-A large dinning hall with static dinnerware set out (so you and your companions arent sending your nicely set tables plates and utensils flying when they sit down.) An attatched kitchen and food storage.

-Fortress Cellar, wine cellar, and dungeons, with a few secrets here and there.

-Container wine racks, armor stands, and weapon racks with static, wine, armor and weapons, so you can drop what you need to store in them w/o having to fight the physics engin.

--A Large hidden (kinda) underground pool in a custom Alyeid ruin style architecture.
with custom alyeid furniture and clutter.

-A Large display chamber with lots of display cases and stands for "Reznod's Mannequins" mod or similiar mods (not included)

-Fully traversable rooftops and parapets, and towers with thier own interior cells

-Small pond with a mini dock and row boat in the north courtyard

-An interal portal system for quickly traversing the fortress, to get to your favorite spots.

-Welkynd stone Daeric prince andNine Divine statuette colectables, spread through out the fortress, fully havoked. (see screenies)

-Stables with two horses free of charge.
-Small stable house.

-fully pathgrided interior and exterior for companion compatability (note: I did this best I could on this I'm not a path grid expert, this is as I said my 1st house mod. Seems to work fine for my compainons though.)

  • A couple of other minor features I can't think of at the moment. See screenies for more details.

Stuff not in this mod:

-Other then the Sheep and a dog in the stables area, no NPCS ( cause well it's less then two days from Skyrim and well I'm not going to be working on this when it comes out.)

-Quest/s to obtain the fortress, no quest or chain of events just find it and it's all yours.

-Tourture chambers, there are none, previous owners were humanitarians, or some such drivel.


Shivering Isles Patch
(because I used a lot of SI meshes and textures, I likes them leave me alone =P)

Installation Instructions

Drop the "TheFortress.esp", meshes folder, and Textures folder into your data folder in your oblivion directory.
Open the launcher and click data files, find "TheFortress.esp and check it.
Or use Obmm and check it.

Uninstallation Instructions

uncheck the .esp file, delete the corisponding files.


Anything that moddifies the area where Dragon Guard sits.

Known Issues

Other then my crap spelling and gammar, None so far as I could see in my testing.

Change Log

1st publicly released version


Lots in no perticular order,

First off to the modding comunity at large, Thank you all for what you do.

Bethesda, for your awesome games and devotion to your customers and fans.

Now to the people that lent a hand with their open resource mods:

-Meo for:
Meo's Ayleid clutter
Meo's Static dishes
Meo's book sets
Meo's open books
Meo's Armours of Cyrodiil for dummies

Xia for:
Xia's full wine racks
sofa and chair set 1

Zimnel for:
more sofas and chairsets

General Gred for:
Gred's static weapons and shields

Lady Li For:

Lunae & Sinblood For:
Victoria Frances Paintings

Trademark for:
Trademarks Portals and Gates

css0101 for:
Ancient Elven Furniture

Aisis for:
AST Paintings pack 01
AST Royal furniture set

Gildur for:
Sitting everywhere

Mannimagnus for:
Mannis Welkynd Statuettes

Gizmodian for:
Gothic resource set

Stroti for:
Strotis complete bath meshes

Varlaisaran for:
ABS - Adabala Building System

Critterman for:
Oblivion book creator
Venzar for:
Oblivion mod readme generator

Any that all these modders credited in thier mods

Thank you all for your hard work, making modding better for the rest of us.

And some to me for putting it all together =D

I hope and pray that's everyone, if I missed some one PLEASE let me know so I can add them.


First and formost you MUST abide the other modders Licensing that I used in this mod.

My own work is free for anyone to use so long as:

1: It stays on tesnexus

2: It or it's componets in part or whole must stay with in The Elderscrolls series.

3: Please give credit where credit is due, This includes me and any modders whom resources you use.

4: Note that if any one simply wants to add a quest to obtain the fortress or add NPCS, Please go right ahead. So long as the above it followed.

There is no need to contact me for permissions.