Diannes Ice Palace

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Ice Palace is a modders resource. You can see how it looks ingame by finding the enterance to the new worldspace on the shore close to Bravil's Oblivion gate, it is a ayleid enterance
and easy to spot.

Thus far the .esp is for the worldspace I duplicated from the Pale pass
world and altered to suit. In this worldspace you will see the castle and a ayleid ruin.
and a daedric citadel.

You can go inside the ayleid ruin and castle but the daedric citadel is not yet completed.
Please note, that the ayleid ruin has undead patroling inside it.


I have now added the cathedral meshes and fixed the door problem on the ayleid door leading outside.
Also have updated the ugly ayleid door interior arched one with a brand new prettier one of
my character Cute Dremora . Have made retextured ice creatures and some weapons.
You can see them outside and in the ayleid ruin. Only *safe* place now in this mod is the castle
3: Fixed the hardcoded texture files on the meshes

You may use this set on the condition that you credit me.