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Oblivion has a major problem that it's successor, Skyrim, addressed rather brilliantly and that is weapon recharging. The biggest part of this has to do with soul gems, their capacities, and the ridiculously high number of enchantment points that some weapons have (The Blade of Woe has over 20,000 taking over 10 grand soul gems to fully recharge.)

This mod will not be dealing with that, instead it will be dealing with the ridiculous recharging prices.

The cost to recharge items is equal to the number of missing enchantment points a weapon has meaning that if you have a weapon with, say, 300 enchantment points and that weapon is fully depleted, it would cost 300 gold to recharge it. As you can imagine, this gets ridiculous when you take into account weapons like the Blade of Woe, which as previously stated, has well over 20,000 enchantment points.

This mod lowers recharging costs to a tenth of normal. That weapon with 300 enchantment points will now only cost 30 gold to recharge. Weapons like the Blade of Woe, while still expensive to recharge, won't take hours of gameplay worth of gold to recharge once.

This should give you a more reliable means of recharging your weapons.