Cambodian Ayleid Ruins and Retexture

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After a request, here are the Angkor-Wat-like ruin replacers.
So, if you are bored of the same old ruins over and over again, this gives a very different look.

The towers require Shivering Isles, or at last a texture mod for it.

If you have Jungle For Everyone, you will not need the arches, install only the ArchesAndTowersForJungleForEveryoneUsers Folder and optional the BirdStatueAsTower Folder and Buddha statues.

I recommended to make a backup of your files, that you will replace, first. It are only a few nif files.
Also I do not recommend this for marble-white Ayleid ruins. The towers will look too out of place I think.

The arches/domes have no full collision, so nothing and no one can get stuck, as these domes are bigger than the vanilla arches.

If you want to use this for your mod, you can freely do so.