Black Sting

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There are three ESP files included with this mod

  1. ISDBlackSting ECH == Adds an enchanted version of the sword to Oblivion. The enchantment on the sword is the same as that on Umbra (e.g. soul trap).
  2. ISDBlackSting NECH == Adds Black Sting to Oblivion with no enchantment (other stats the same).
  3. ISDBlackSting Umbra REPL == Replaces Umbra's vanilla model and texture with the Black Sting's model and texture.

Option 1
For people who like a bit of story and mystery (the more sentences you read the more obvious the sword's location is): It's been said that there is a weapon coveted by vampires as well as Fire Stone himself. Some may seek to give it to him. Make a pilgrimage to his place in Cyrodiil. Search the shadows and hidden places around to find Black Sting. Perhaps at the shrine of Molag Bal. Around back. Between a rock and the statue
Option 2
Look at the images of this file for the exact location (image of map). Both the enchanted and un-enchanted versions of the sword are in the same location. If you have trouble picking up the sword, try at a different angle. You may be selecting the statue of Molag Bal inadvertently.

All 3 ESP files can be used at once or in any combination with each other.
The main file (BlackStingV1) listed on this website has 4k x 4k blade textures and 2k x 2k handle textures.
The optional file (BlackStingV1 ALL LTEXT) has 4k x 4k blade textures and 4k x 4k handle textures.
The optional file (BlackStingV1 ALL STEXT) has 2k x 2k blade textures and 2k x 2k handle textures.

Change Log:

  • changed specular map of blade, and tweaked diffuse textures

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