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Name: Basic Primary Needs
Version: 6.3
Date: 19/11/2013
Language: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Chinese (simplified)
Category: Immersion
Requirements: Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE)
Recommended: HUD Status Bars, DarNified UI, Oblivion Mod Manager (OBMM)
Author: Maskar


This is a hunger, thirst and sleep mod, making eating, drinking and sleeping a more immersive experience. It includes built-in language localization support for English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Chinese (simplified). Read below for details on how to use it with HUD Status Bars.

When the player character does not eat, drink or sleep, he/she slowly suffers stat and attribute loss. In specific stat loss is linked as follows:* Hunger -> Health

  • Thirst -> Magicka

  • Sleep -> Fatigue

The affected attributes are Strength, Intelligence, Willpower, Agility, Speed, Endurance, Personality and Luck. The exact amount lost is based on many factors, like the tasks performed (higher when running, swimming, power attacking, etc.), encumbrance, weapon skills, weather conditions, etc. For example, the player character would become tired quickly when running around while carrying a lot of items and more thirsty when outdoors while the sun is shining brightly. Next to performing intensive tasks, also the player character's major skills and governing attributes affect hunger, thirst and sleep. The exact amounts however are dependant on the type of skills and their level.

If the player character is starving, dehydrated, or exhausted he/she will take damage for every need (hunger, thirst and sleep) being at their maximum. Next to losing health there are also negative effects associated with this. These are collapsing when starving, blurry vision when fully dehydrated and panting when fatiguing while exhausted. Additionally, the player character will start hallucinating, which increases for every need being at their maximum. When the player character is refreshed however (not hungry, thirst or sleepy), he/she will continuously regenerate a minor amount of health. All settings, including the choice to have stat and/or attribute loss are configurable through OMOD installation and by editing the included ini file. The ini file includes the ability to modify a large amount of advanced settings.

Eating and drinking is done simply by selecting the food and drinks in the inventory. Additionally, eating and drinking hotkeys can be used (read below). Everything that can be eaten/drunk lowers hunger/thirst. However, non-food items (Goblin Eyes, Troll Fat, etc.) are less effective. Additionally, the player character can drink directly from wells, fountains and any water found outdoors (rivers, lakes, etc.). Water found outdoors can contain a number of diseases and should therefore only be drunk as a last resort. This also counts for eating moldy and spoiled food. Werewolves are highly resistant to these diseases however. Hunger and thirst are considered the same for vampire characters and can only be satisfied by drinking blood. This can be accomplished through feeding, drinking the blood from recently killed npcs and by drinking blood stored in canteens. Recently killed npcs will have some blood in their inventory for a short period of time. Drinking this blood lowers hunger/thirst without affecting the vampire level.

Canteens have been added to keep the player character hydrated and can be purchased from merchants and found as loot in containers and from npcs. They work just like normal drinks, but have 3 uses before needing to be refilled. Canteens can be refilled at wells, fountains, huge barrels, kegs and blood fountains, simply by activating them (press spacebar). Wells and fountains provide water, huge barrels and kegs provide ale, beer, mead and wine and blood fountains provide blood. Blood is, next to feeding, the only method for vampire characters to recover from hunger and thirst. Feeding also refills any empty canteens with blood. If cows are available in-game (requires Mr_Siikas farm animals or MMM) canteens can be filled with milk and if Cobl is installed Water Barrels can provide water.

When it's raining the player character can fill his/her canteen(s) with rainwater and directly drink it, by looking up to the sky and activating the rain.

Eating and drinking hotkeys can be used to both select food from the inventory and directly from the gameworld (found on tables, etc.). An eating hotkey is created by hotkeying a knife, fork and/or spoon. A drinking hotkey is created by hotkeying any cups available in-game. If the player character is looking at any food (crosshair showing the food name), while pressing an eating/drinking hotkey, the food is automatically consumed. Where necessary (taverns, etc.) it's also automatically paid for. If the player character isn't looking at any food an item is selected from the inventory instead. Hotkeying cups, goblets and glasses will select a small amount from a canteen, while hotkeying mugs and tankards will select the whole contents from a canteen. Using the eating hotkey selects a random food item (scripted, quest and non-food items are ignored).

Drinking alcohol increases the amount of alcohol in the player character's body. When too much alcohol is drunk vision becomes blurred and muscle coordination impaired. However, drinking alcohol increases the tolerance to alcohol, which in turn allows the player character to drink more alcohol before experiencing any negative effects.

Just like canteens, coffee can be purchased from merchants and found as loot in containers and from npcs. Drinking coffee lowers the need for sleep, but is most effective when the player character is tired and has limited amount of caffeine in his/her body. It also has the added bonus of counteracting alcohol effects slightly. It does however make sleeping more difficult and therefore requires more time before becoming fully rested.

Water bottles can be found as lowerclass loot in the form of recycled alcohol bottles with various amounts of water. Like all water, these bottles can sometimes contain diseases.

Sleeping works just like normal (select bed, bedroll, etc.), but the amount of sleep required to become fully rested is based on both the sleeping conditions (bed type, in/outdoors, time of day, etc.) and the player character's sleeping habits. The player character builds up a sleeping history based on under what conditions he/she sleeps. The sleeping history is used to determine the player character's sleeping habits. For instance, often sleeping outdoors will make it easier to sleep outdoors, while often sleeping during the day will make it easier to sleep during the day, but harder to sleep at nighttime. This means that vampire characters and thieves should benefit most out of sleeping during the day, while other characters might prefer sleeping at nighttime. Vampire characters have the added bonus of being able to sleep in coffins. Additionally, the player character can set up a campsite (separate download) to provide a place to sleep when out in the wilderness.

Depending on under what conditions the player character sleeps (bed quality, location and duration), there's a small chance of contracting and/or recovering from a disease. When the player character has contracted any diseases he/she requires to drink more and sleep more to become fully rested.

Next to eating, drinking and sleeping, the player character's personal hygiene affects his/her disposition towards NPCs and creatures. This includes the use of bathtubs, soap and toilets.

This mod comes in 3 difficulty levels, each having an impact on the rarity of food and drinks in-game. For further details on this read chapter 4 of the included pdf readme file.

Also check out my other mods and leave feedback and/or endorsement if you like to support this addon. Thanks and enjoy!


This mod is fully compatible with all time and attribute changing mods, like Running Revised, with sprinting, fatigue, configurable and ROM Revised Oblivion Mod. It's also compatible with all mods adding custom food and drinks and mods changing/adding cities, vendors and architecture like wells, kegs and barrels (including FCOM, Morroblivion, Cobl and Oblivion War Cry - New Dimension). As it does not modify anything in-game directly, like adding scripts to already existing objects, or turn them into activators, it should be compatibility with all other mods (including See You Sleep, Cobl and Let the People Drink).

It's recommended to install Bananasplit Better Cities for additional in-game water sources (fountains, etc.), Mr_Siikas farm animals (also included with Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul) for milking cows and FCOM, MMM or Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul for additional canteen spawn locations. For non-English versions DarNified UI is recommended to display long item names properly.

Basic Primary Needs includes its own vampire needs system. To use a 3rd party vampire mod either disable the built-in vampire needs, or integrate the vampire mod into Basic Primary Needs. To disable the built-in vampire needs simply edit the ini file by changing the BPN.ini_vampire_nothirst and BPN.ini_vampire_nosleep settings to 1.

3rd party vampire and werewolf mods can be fully integrated with Basic Primary Needs and this way display their needs using the built-in message system and HUD Status Bars. By default LTD-Vampire Overhaul (vampire mod) and Curse of Hircine - Resurrected (werewolf mod) are automatically supported if installed. Read chapter 3.4 of the included pdf ReadMe for further details on supporting other mods.


No files will be replaced by installing this addon. It will however need OBSE (version 20 or higher) to function properly. No other third-party mods are required to be installed to run this mod. It's however recommended to use Oblivion Mod Manager (OBMM) to install and configure this mod.


OMOD method: (recommended)

  • Start Oblivion Mod Manager

  • Click on "Create" to create a new OMOD

  • Click on "Add archive" and point to the downloaded (.7z) file

  • Click on "Create omod"

  • Double-click the name of the mod in the right-hand side of the OBMM screen

  • Answer the question(s) asked to customize it to your preferences

  • Optionally edit the .ini file to customize it to your preferences

Non-OMOD version:

  • Extract the files to a temporary location

  • Copy files to (install folder)OblivionData

  • Start Oblivion Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside the .esp file

  • Optionally edit the .ini file to customize it to your preferences


OMOD version:

  • Start Oblivion Mod Manager

  • Double-click the name of the mod in the right-hand side of the OBMM screen and click Yes

Non-OMOD version:

  • Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp file

  • Delete the Basic Primary Needs files in the Data folder

Note that savegames are saved without penalties to the player character. This mod can therefore be safely upgraded/uninstalled without any issues. Quicksaves however do include penalties and should therefore not be used after uninstalling!

HUD Status Bars

HUD Status Bars is a mod, which allows the player to have additional on-screen status bars, displaying the player character's hunger, thirst and sleep levels. It requires the OBSE MenuQue plugin to function properly. See chapter 6.5 of the pdf readme for a more advanced example.

Required variables: BPN.HUDhunger, BPN.HUDthirst and BPN.HUDsleep (range: 0 - 100)

Usage example (add to bottom of Hud Status Bars.ini):

`set tnoHSB.hud_val to sv_Construct"BPN.HUDsleep"
set tnoHSB.hud_color to sv_Construct"HUDcolorRhubarb"
set tnoHSB.hud_max to sv_Construct"0"
set tnoHSB.hud_min to sv_Construct"100"
set tnoHSB.hud_x toHUDcompassCenter
set tnoHSB.hud_y toHUDcompassAbove
SetStage tnoHSB 10

set tnoHSB.hud_val to sv_Construct "BPN.HUDthirst"
set tnoHSB.hud_color to sv_Construct"HUDcolorCyan"
set tnoHSB.hud_max to sv_Construct"0"
set tnoHSB.hud_min to sv_Construct"100"
SetStage tnoHSB 10

set tnoHSB.hud_val to sv_Construct "BPN.HUDhunger"
set tnoHSB.hud_color to sv_Construct"HUDcolorLime"
set tnoHSB.hud_max to sv_Construct"0"
set tnoHSB.hud_min to sv_Construct"100"
SetStage tnoHSB 10`

Note that setting hud_max to 0 means that the bars are empty when you're 100% hungry, thirsty and/or sleepy. If you would like to turn this around (full bars is max hungry, etc.) change hud_max to 100 and hud_min to 0. Replace HUDcompassAbove with HUDcompassBelow when using the Skyrim compass.

To see the amount of caffeine and alcohol the player character has in his/her body use the BPN.HUDcaffeine and BPN.HUDalcohol variables (range: 0 - 100), like:

`set tnoHSB.hud_val to sv_Construct"BPN.HUDcaffeine"
set tnoHSB.hud_color to sv_Construct"HUDcolorBrown*(tnoHSB.val>0)"
set tnoHSB.hud_max to sv_Construct"100"
set tnoHSB.hud_min to sv_Construct"0"
SetStage tnoHSB 10

set tnoHSB.hud_val to sv_Construct"BPN.HUDalcohol"
set tnoHSB.hud_color to sv_Construct"HUDcolorYellow*(tnoHSB.val>0)"
set tnoHSB.hud_max to sv_Construct"100"
set tnoHSB.hud_min to sv_Construct"0"
SetStage tnoHSB 10`

To see the contents when mouse-over drink sources, use something like:

set tnoHSB.hud_ref to sv_Construct "GetFormFromMod %qBasic Primary Needs.esp%q %q070B5A%q" set tnoHSB.hud_name to sv_Construct"hud_ref" set tnoHSB.hud_textDisplay toHUDtxtNoValue set tnoHSB.hud_type to HUDtxtNoBar set tnoHSB.hud_textPos_x to HUDtxtCenter set tnoHSB.hud_textPos_y to HUDtxtCenter set tnoHSB.hud_y to45 set tnoHSB.hud_x to50 set tnoHSB.hud_textTypetoHUDfontKingthings set tnoHSB.hud_textSizeto16 set tnoHSB.hud_textShadowColor to sv_Construct"HUDcolorBlack" SetStage tnoHSB 10


Version 6.3 (19/11/2013)

  • Added support for Enhanced First Person Camera

  • Disabled ability to drink rain indoors

  • Fixed issue using hotkeys with food from 3rd party mods

Version 6.2 (21/09/2012)

  • Added support for Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul

  • Added option to add wells to Bravil and Bruma

  • Added option to start with knife, fork, spoon, cup and mug

  • Added option to disable poisoned water when main quest has ended

  • Added option to only fix stats with attribute repair tool

  • Fixed rare issue buying objects from merchants

Version 6.1 (01/06/2012)

  • Improved support for Cobl drinks

Version 6.0 (09/05/2012)

  • Added Chinese (simplified) language translation (thanks bluesky404)

  • Improved alcohol timers

Version 5.9 (30/04/2012)

  • Increased hallucination timers

  • Improved collapse from exhaustion timer

  • Added advanced HUD Status Bars example to pdf readme (chapter 6.5)

  • Added Basic Personal Hygiene information

Version 5.8 (29/03/2012)

  • Added option to collapse from exhaustion (sleep for an hour)

  • Disabled ability to convert drink sources linked to a parent object

  • Improved ability to disable OOO inebriation effects

  • Increased need effect timers (collapsing, blurry vision, etc.)

  • Added 2 starving and exhaustion messages

Version 5.7 (05/03/2012)

  • Added water bottles as lowerclass drinks

  • Added ability to add custom drink sources in ini file

  • Added ability to add custom drink/eat hotkey tools in ini file

  • Added ability to add custom beds/bedrolls/coffins in ini file

  • Added ability to add custom drink/food effects in ini file

  • Added ability to show mesh filenames in console in debug mode

  • Added support for GodMode

  • Added option to disable OOO inebriation effects

  • Reversed HUD values for alcohol and caffeine (for SDR support)

  • Fixed issue when not using the default key to drink

Version 5.6 (27/01/2012)

  • Added option to add names to all drink sources (wells, etc.)

  • Added ability to edit how needs affect stats individually

  • Improved stat/attribute configuration for werewolf/vampire mods

Version 5.5 (09/11/2011)

  • Added ability to drink more alcohol when having food in stomach

  • Increased food and drink effectiveness by 20%

  • Increased sleep recovery when drinking coffee by 1/2 hour

  • Disabled ability to "dupe" canteens

  • Added FAQ to pdf readme

Version 5.4 (28/10/2011)

  • Added ability to hotkey eating/drinking directly from gameworld

  • Added drinking animation for bottles

  • Added new animation objects (coffee mug and bottles)

  • Decreased player character's reach to drink water found outdoors

  • Increased reach to drink water found outdoors when crouching

  • Added debug options

Version 5.3 (25/10/2011)

  • Added ability to hotkey a knife, fork and/or spoon to eat

  • Changed ability to hotkey cups to drink from canteens

  • Added animations to eating and drinking for hotkeys

  • Changed fountains in Vivec to provide water

Version 5.2 (20/09/2011)

  • Added option to add wells to Shivering Isles (if installed)

  • Changed fountain in Bliss to provide water

  • Changed OOO juices to add a chance to cure diseases

  • Added option to disable poison in wells and fountains

  • Added option to change when attributes start to decline

  • Disabled ability to drink from Dark Brotherhood well (fake)

  • Fixed conflict with Morroblivion starting characters drunk

Version 5.1 (10/09/2011)

  • Added option to become less quickly tired when sitting down

  • Added support for Alluring Wine Bottles

  • Added support for Tamriellic Glassworks

  • Added support for all other mods replacing alcohol bottles

  • Removed changes to the Cure Disease potion and scroll

Version 5.0 (06/09/2011)

  • Replaced Cure Disease with Resist Disease (optional)

  • Updated Resist Disease to resist diseases 75% for 15 seconds

  • Updated Resist Disease to cure a disease with 10% success

  • Improved drinking water found outdoors

  • Disabled drinking water in the Fountainhead until cleansed

  • Removed Shivering Isles dependency

Version 4.9 (01/09/2011)

  • Added ability to refill canteens and drink when raining

  • Increased need for food when in cold/high location

  • Increased need to drink when in Oblivion

  • Added sleep penalty when diseased

  • Increased need to drink when diseased

  • Added ability to recover from diseases when sleeping

Version 4.8 (24/08/2011)

  • Added food/drink weight balance option (on by default)

  • Added support for Morroblivion

  • Improved support for Shivering Isles

  • Improved Attribute Repair tool (automatic stat recovery)

  • Improved display of 3rd party vampire/werewolf needs

  • Improved compatibility with Synchronized Date and Time

Version 4.7 (02/08/2011)

  • Changed drinking coffee to also counteract alcohol effects

  • Increased starting alcohol experience from 0% to 25%

  • Added option to modify the starting alcohol experience

  • Disabled alcohol camera movements when idle in water/on horse

  • Added ability to refill canteens with water found outdoors (easy setting only)

  • Added support for Oblivion War Cry - New Dimension

  • Added option to display items in messages in lowercase

  • Disabled hunger hallucination for vampires not eating normal food

Version 4.6 (27/07/2011)

  • Added ability to mouse-over drink sources to see their contents

  • Added HUD Status Bars example to show mouse-over drink contents

  • Added ability to select key for drinking/filling canteens

  • Disabled crouch requirement for drinking water found outdoors

  • Improved camera movements for unstable feet effect

  • Added option to change falling time for unstable feet effect

  • Increased falling time for unstable feet effect

  • Fixed 3rd party vampire mod issue when using werewolf mod

Version 4.5 (24/07/2011)

  • Added French translation (thanks Aleanne)

  • Added ability to drink from canteens by using cups, mugs, etc.

  • Added ability to drink more from canteens when using bigger cups

  • Added blurry vision effect when drinking too much alcohol

  • Added unstable feet effect when drinking too much alcohol

  • Added ability to build up alcohol tolerance

  • Added optional alcohol HUD Status Bar

  • Added alcohol drink mesh string as BPNalcohol

  • Improved blood messages for non-English versions

Version 4.4 (20/07/2011)

  • Added major skills and attributes to need time calculation

  • Added disease resistance to contract disease chance calculation

  • Added need to stand still to drink water outdoors (lakes, etc.)

  • Added need to crouch to drink outdoors when above water level

Version 4.3 (14/07/2011)

  • Added coffee for purchase at many merchants in most major cities

  • Added coffee as loot in containers and npcs

  • Added drinking coffee lowering the need to sleep

  • Added sleep penalty for having caffeine in body

  • Added optional caffeine HUD Status Bar

  • Added compatibility with Sam Lakes Coffee Resource meshes

  • Added coffee source mesh string as BPNcoffee

  • Improved support for characters being both vampire and werewolf

Version 4.2 (11/07/2011)

  • Added Cobl cobSigNoPcNeeds support to suspend needs temporarily

  • Linked diseases to food rarity (0% easy, 100% normal, 200% hard)

  • Changed disease chance for werewolf characters to 25%

  • Added attribute repair tool to player character's inventory

Version 4.1 (08/07/2011)

  • Added chance to contract a disease when eating moldy food

  • Disabled attribute loss for needs taken over by 3rd party mods

  • Lowered disease chance for drinking water found outdoors

Version 4.0 (07/07/2011)

  • Changed drinking milk to have a 10% chance to cure 1 disease

  • Lowered disease chance when in player owned home

  • Added options for disease percentages for bed qualities

  • Added options for disease percentages for locations

  • Added tiny chance to contract a disease from fresh water

Version 3.9 (05/07/2011)

  • Added chance to contract a disease when sleeping

  • Added option to modify how needs affect attributes

  • Increased maximum needs for health regeneration to 60%

  • Added drink messages for werewolf characters

  • Updated Russian translation

Version 3.8 (02/07/2011)

  • Added Russian translation (thanks Nealus)

  • Added option to drink outdoors (rivers, lakes, etc.)

  • Added chance to contract a disease when drinking outdoors

  • Added drinking need to werewolf characters

  • Disabled werewolves contracting diseases when drinking outdoors

  • Improved compatibility with non-English 3rd party mods

Version 3.7 (23/06/2011)

  • Added option for health regeneration when refreshed

  • Changed custom sources to never be empty, poisoned, etc.

  • Changed custom water source mesh string to BPNwater

  • Added new custom sources for alcohol, blood and milk

Version 3.6 (22/06/2011)

  • Added full support for Let the People Drink

  • Added ability to add custom water source meshes (see pdf readme)

Version 3.5 (19/06/2011)

  • Added option to drink canteens instantly, like normal drinks

  • Increased speed of drinking from water sources

  • Added option to change the need multiplier for vampires

  • Added option to disable vampire thirst in sunlight

  • Removed Shivering Isles requirement

Version 3.4 (16/06/2011)

  • Improved hallucination effects (improved mesh and AI package)

  • Added option to drink directly from water sources (on by default)

  • Fixed option for vampire characters to eat/drink normal food

  • Updated ini file, improving readability

Version 3.3 (14/06/2011)

  • Added hallucination effects to player character for all needs

  • Added option to start with x amount of free canteens (0 by default)

  • Added option to increase canteen availability (merchants and loot)

  • Added option for vampire characters to eat/drink normal food

Version 3.2 (07/06/2011)

  • Added ability to integrate 3rd party vampire and werewolf mods

  • Added optional built-in support for LTD-Vampire Overhaul

  • Added optional built-in support for Curse of Hircine – Resurrected

  • Updated ReadMe on how to integrate other vampire and werewolf mods

  • Added support for 3rd party mods increasing time by large amounts

Version 3.1 (01/06/2011)

  • Added ability to automatically eat, drink and sleep when in jail

  • Disabled no canteen messages when vampire feeding

  • Disabled no canteen messages for Ayleid Wells and Blood Fountains

  • Linked amount of blood dropped by dead npcs to npc weight

  • Changed amount of blood dropped by dead npcs to decrease over time

  • Added option to disable thirst for vampires to support vampire mods

  • Added option to disable sleep for vampires to support vampire mods

Version 3.0 (29/05/2011)

  • Added support for Cobl by adding Water Barrels to drinkable sources

  • Disabled containers from being able to be drinkable sources

  • Changed barrels and kegs to not be locked when owned by player

  • Disabled ability to drink from drinkable sources owned by npcs

  • Disabled ability to take drinks in areas (like inns) owned by npcs

  • Added option for player/faction owned sources to always be full

  • Changed empty kegs and barrels to be refilled within several days

Version 2.9 (27/05/2011)

  • Changed Human Blood potions to lower thirst of vampire characters

  • Improved compatibility with non-English versions concerning sleeping

  • Changed dropped blood of killed npcs to remain fresh for 1 game hour

  • Changed dropped blood of killed npcs to include race name

  • Added ability for vampire characters to sleep inside coffins

  • Added support for mods that allow characters to sleep without a bed

  • Added support for Harvest Containers to sleep inside opened coffins

  • Added option to disable the ability to drink blood of vampires

  • Added option to disable the ability to sleep inside coffins

  • Added option to change the time dropped blood remains fresh

  • Changed option to drink blood from canteens to include Blood potions

Version 2.8 (23/05/2011)

  • Added Italian translation (thanks halduke)

  • Combined hunger and thirst for vampire characters to thirst only

  • Increased thirst penalty for vampire characters in sun light

  • Increased need to drink blood and sleep for vampire characters

  • Added ability for vampire characters to drink blood from dead npcs

  • Updated sleep time calculation for vampire characters

  • Added option to disable the ability to fill canteens with blood

  • Added option to disable the ability to fill canteens at Ayleid wells

  • Added option to disable dead npcs dropping blood (for vampires only)

  • Improved well and fountain usage

  • Added option to show health messages depending on HUD Status Bars status

  • Increased impact of intensive tasks on needs by roughly 25%

Version 2.7 (15/05/2011)

  • Added player character's sleeping habits to sleep time calculation

  • Added time of day to sleep time calculation (sleep during day or night)

  • Changed outdoor sleep penalty from 25% to a maximum of 20%

  • Added option to alter the base amount of sleep required (ini file only)

  • Added option to force language (through OMOD installation and ini file)

  • Updated Spanish translation to add female character messages

Version 2.6 (26/04/2011)

  • Added built-in language localization support

  • Added German translation (thanks SariDecember)

  • Added Spanish translation (thanks Huntragon)

  • Added type, size and quality of bed to sleep calculation

  • Added message to display amount of hours required to become fully rested

  • Added separate values for food and drink weight to determine recovery

  • Increased time before player character suffers stat/attribute loss

Version 2.5 (15/04/2011)

  • Changed vendor stock to instantly update depending on food rarity setting

  • Added in-game food rarity messages when food rarity setting changes

  • Removed all changes to cells adding canteens to vendors

Version 2.4 (14/04/2011)

  • Changed canteens found as loot to be containing any type/amount of drink

  • Tweaked canteen spawn chances for loot and vendors

  • Fixed any division by zero issues depending on configuration settings

  • Added to readme a list of vendors with highest chance to purchase canteens

Version 2.3 (13/04/2011)

  • Changed wells/fountains to be poisoned depending on difficulty level

  • Changed canteens to be available for purchase with more vendors

  • Changed canteens to spawn in over 50 containers and as loot

  • Added pdf documentation (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Version 2.2 (11/04/2011)

  • Changed OBSE version check to require OBSE 20 (stable) or higher

  • Added ability to choose difficulty in finding food/drinks in-game

  • Increased default difficulty slightly (harder to find food and drinks)

  • Changed Blood Fountain and Ayleid Well to only fill canteens when charged

  • Changed Cows to be milked no more than twice a day (default difficulty)

  • Decreased food/drinks from vendors and loot (default difficulty)

  • Added tap locks to some barrels and kegs depending on difficulty level

Version 2.1 (08/04/2011)

  • Changed OBSE version check to require OBSE 20 beta 6 or higher

  • Changed stat/attribute loss calculation to improve compatibility

  • Added weather, taking damage, spell costs and much more to determine loss

  • Changed Ayleid wells to provide water

  • Added option to disable loss when not playing (3rd party mods only)

  • Improved compatibility with Synchronized Date and Time (requires v1.7)

Version 2.0 (31/03/2011)

  • Added ability to refill canteens with milk

  • Changed cows to provide milk (requires Mr_Siikas farm animals)

  • Added ability for vampires to fill canteens with blood when feeding

  • Improved stat/attribute loss calculation when performing intensive tasks

  • Added player character's encumbrance and weapon speed to calculate loss

  • Changed effects from drinking blood

  • Fixed OBMM installation issue

  • Changed default maximum stat loss timers from 20 to 24 hours

Version 1.9 (28/03/2011)

  • Added ability to refill canteens with ale, beer, mead, wine and blood

  • Changed fountains to provide water (requires Better Cities, etc.)

  • Changed huge barrels and kegs to provide ale, beer, mead and wine

  • Changed blood fountains to provide blood

  • Added ability for vampire characters to recover hunger/thirst from blood

  • Increased stat/attribute loss by 25% when performing intensive tasks

  • Added option to display the player character's general health in menu

  • Renamed canteens to properly display their contents

Version 1.8 (25/03/2011)

  • Added attribute loss option to represent hunger, thirst and exhaustion

  • Added ability to choose between stat loss, attribute loss, both or neither

  • Changed default purchase price of canteens from 250 gold to 65 gold

  • Added option to change price of canteens in the included ini file

  • Added option to have stats decrease at an increasing rate over time

  • Changed food/drinks to recover more when hungry/thirsty

Version 1.7 (16/03/2011)

  • Improved fatigue recovery calculation for sleeping when long awake

  • Added My Voice Extender support (panting only when not talking)

  • Added (optional) player character falling on floor when starving

  • Added (optional) player character having blurry vision when dehydrated

  • Added (optional) player character panting when fatiguing while exhausted

  • Added timers for panting, blurry vision and falling on floor in ini file

Version 1.6 (14/03/2011)

  • Added canteens of water which can be refilled at any well

  • Added canteens for purchase at many innkeepers in most major cities

  • Added seperate timers to determine starvation, dehydration and exhaustion

Version 1.5 (03/03/2011)

  • Added ability to die from hunger, thirst and exhaustion

  • Updated stat loss calculation by including fortify effects

Version 1.4 (26/02/2011)

  • Added OBSE version check (requires OBSE 20 or higher)

Version 1.3 (23/02/2011)

Version 1.2 (19/02/2011)

  • Added optional fatigue penalty for sleeping outdoors

  • Added optional health/magicka penalty for eating/drinking non-food items

  • Moved camping ability to a seperate Camping mod

Version 1.1 (14/02/2011)

  • Added ability to set up your own campsite (use the included camping spell)

  • Added support for vampire characters (feeding and lower statloss at higher stages)

  • Changed weightless food to recover hunger stat loss slightly (rather than nothing at all)

Version 1.0 (12/02/2011)

  • Initial release


You can do whatever you want with this mod but all I ask in return is that you give me credit if you distribute any part of this mod. However, the coffee mug used in this mod is a modified version of the one found in Sam Lakes Coffee Resource meshes and some food objects are from Eating Animations.

Many thanks to SariDecember for the German translation, Huntragon for the Spanish translation, halduke for the Italian translation, Nealus for the Russian translation, Aleanne for the French translation and bluesky404 for the Chinese translation.