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"Have you seen those Argonians for Skyrim? They have Curved Horns... Curved Horns!" - Chorrol Guard

BAF v0.20

BAF v0.1 adds more "hair" styles to Argonians following the Argonians aesthetic form TSO/Skyrim.
BAF v0.11
added NPC hair colors (may need adjustments) and disabled the "Clean Scales" hair till it renders properly
BAF v0.12 removed UOP requirement from main mod, still needed for NPC hair option
BAF v0.20 NEW Meshes and NEW Textures and added NEW hair options!

The main plugin adds the playable hairs and disables the default hairs for Argonians (note: the are not playable but still exist for safety of NPCs and mods)
The NPC plugin adds the hairs to vanilla and SI NPCs however the just have the default (brown/gray) hair color for now

This is a early version, please report any issues or bugs or suggestions/changes thanks!

**Requirements:**Oblivion and SI
UOP (NPC hair Option)

Recommendations**:**Argonian BeatificationSkyrimized Argonian Textures

Future Plans:

In Stone:

Add custom hair colors to NPCs
Add claws to Argonians
New better tail
New textures
MorroStyle feet/body (Optional)
Add patches for DLC and Major Mods (Partially Done)


Better Horn Blending
Face Spikes
Better Head Shape
Khajiit mod too