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Welcome to my expansion mod! This is a mod that aims to add new content, mostly new equipment


Fabric has all mobs removed and some features tweaked/removed due to limitations




Modrinth page: https://modrinth.com/mod/wolfys-extra-expansion

(If you find a bug, please report the issue on the issues page)

There is a fabric 1.19.2 file, but it's an alpha file, so be cautious when using it



Cobalt is an uncommon metal, it's a gap in-between diamonds and iron, so a good replacement in case you cant find any diamonds for your weapons

All cobalt related items

Experience Ore

Yes, it's just experience orbs in a stone block. But wait, you can craft bottles o' enchanting and glowstone alternatives!

All experience related items


Another uncommon ore that is found exclusively in mesa biomes, it's equipment as good as diamonds, but isn't as strong or durable. It can also be used to craft the Tome of Healing and Life Essense

All garnet related items


A common ore that has stats in-between stone and iron

All zinc related items


A rare ore found deep underground, it's typically used to make explosives such as the Staff of Explosives, but has the same stats as iron, but slightly lower durability

All lithium related items


An alloy crafted from packed ice and iron ingots, it has the same durability and strength as iron, but has the efficiency of gold, so its very good for gathering wood

All frostium related items


An ore found in the nether with the same stats as garnet, but more durable. it is used to craft the Tome of Deadly Toxins and the Fireball Cannon

All zirconium related items


Another ore found in the nether, it isn't very good for weaponry as it has the same strength and similar durability to stone, but its main use is to craft the Staff of Thunder

All opal related items


A rare ore found in the end, it has the same strength as diamond but has more durability, and can be used to craft the Staff of Decay

All onyx related items


A unique ore found inside the Deep Dark, it has the same strength as diamond, but the same durability as netherite, however, it is very rare, and is used to craft the Tome of Echo

All sculkite related items

All overworld ores also have deepslate versions!

All the deepslate ores


Torn Parchment

The Torn Parchment is an item required to craft any tome and can be obtained by trading with librarians and cartographers at level 2 and wandering traders.

Tome of Toxic Waste

Crafted using slime, poisonous potatoes and zirconium, it can poison enemies

Tome of Pyromancy

This tome is crafted using cinder essence, fire charges and magma blocks, and instead of poisoning it instead sets things ablaze

Tome of Healing

Instead of being a tome for attacking, it heals 8 hearts in one use. However, this tome has very low durability (only 5), and has a long cooldown. It is crafted using life essence, glistering melons and nether wart

Tome of Echo

A tome thats crafted using echo shards, sculkite ingots and soul essence, it does high damage and has massive knockback

Tome of Bitter Cold

A tome crafted from frostium, diamonds and prismarine crystals, it can summon ice blocks that explode on your enemies

All the tomes, and the torn parchment


Souls are a special type of item in the game that can be either obtained by cooking soul sand in a blast furnace, or killing the Soul Harvester


The soul doesnt do much by itself, however, it can be cooked in a blast furnace (again, but it will take a lot longer this time) to make Soul Essense

Soul Essense

The main crafting material for all soul related items, it contains a lot of energy

Soul Waraxe

The Soul Waraxe is a variant of battleaxe that is slightly faster and does very high damage, at the cost of needing a nether star and diamond blocks to make

Soul Scythe

A scythe that is slightly slower than a sword with the same damage as the blade of legends, It needs a nether star to make

Ghastly Cannon

An upgrade to the Fireworks Cannon, this weapon focuses more on single target high damage and can inflict the Wither effect on enemies

Soul Harvester

A mob that can spawn naturally in deserts, mesas and soul sand valleys that can do very high damage and drops Souls or Soul Essense

All the soul related content


Obsidian Stick

An obsidian stick. It's for making the sword of flames. What else do you want me to say?

Copper Stick

It's a copper stick. Replaces the old aluminium stick.

Life Essense

Crafted from a lot of garnet and a bit of glowstone, it can be crafted into a totem with 2 life essense, 4 gold blocks and 1 emerald block

Forgotten Blade Fragments

Found in the Sculk Shrine underground, both the Hilt and the Blade are used to craft the Blade of Legends

Iron Smith Hammer

Used to forge and compress different materials together, it can also be used as a weapon, but not a very strong one, considering its very low durability. Crafting with it takes away 1 durability

Spore Extract

Extracted from Spore Blossoms, it's used as ammo for the Sporeshot

All the materials together



Battleaxes are a type of axe that deals 1 extra damage than an axe, but has 0.1 less attack speed (which is a suprisingly big difference). They are crafted using 5 of the material they are made of. (Example: Diamond Battleaxe needs 5 diamonds and 2 sticks to be made)

All of the battleaxes, in order of damage/durability. (example: opal battleaxe has the same damage as copper, but more durability)

Sword of Flames

An iron sword with built in fire aspect, it is slightly faster than most weapons and also has an animated sprite

The Sword of Flames alongside the Obsidian Stick

Staff of Thunder

A very powerful staff that strikes lightning on foes, dealing high damage, but has a long cooldown

The Staff of Thunder

Staff of Decay

A staff that does decent damage and can wither enemies with a mediocre cooldown

The Staff of Decay

Staff of Frost

A staff that can freeze enemies for a while, and also has mediocre damage

The staff of frost inside an icy cavern

Staff of Explosives

A staff that summons a lit TNT that is thrown at your enemies, dealing massive damage, however, it has a very long coolown

The staff of explosives inside a desert cave

Fireworks Cannon

A fireworks launcher that does high damage, but doesnt do area attack due to limitations, it also has a pretty long cooldown

Fireball Cannon

An upgrade to the Fireworks Cannon, it shoots fireballs instead and does more damage, but has a longer cooldown

Fireworks and Fireball Cannons


A very fast weapon with no cooldown, but low attack damage. Cheap to craft and can inflict poison

Staff of Thorns

A staff that can poison and has mediocre damage

The Staff of Thorns and Sporeshot alongside their ammunition

Cobbled Snowballs

A version of the snowballs that can do two hearts of damage. That's it

Some cobbled snowballs

Amethyst Dagger

A weapon with extremely low durability (only 8), but it can do 8 damage and make the enemy bleed (wither effect)

Amethyst Dagger in an amethyst geode

Blade of Legends

A very powerful weapon crafted with a nether star, 2 life essence, 2 redstone, and the forgotten blade hilt and blade, it can do 11 damage, and its stronger than the soul waraxe due to its fast attack speed

The blade of legends, alongside all its materials

Copper Electromagnet

An artifact crafted from some copper, amethyst and nether wart, it can be used when its raining or thundering to give yourself a new effect, boosting your stats temporarily

The copper electromagnet inside a factory


Sculk Shrine

Found underground, contains loot and either a forgotten blade hilt or forgotten blade blade

A Sculk Shrine, complete with chests



Gargoyles can be found in plains and forests, and can be killed for an easy source of phantom membranes

Gargoyle alongside a phantom membrane

Lava Elemental

Found rarely in Nether Wastes and Basalt Deltas, they have high health and set anything that gets too close on fire, and also deal high knockback and high damage to their target, they can drop Blaze Powder, Magma Blocks, Fire Charges, and rarely, Cinder Essence, which is needed to craft the Tome of Pyromancy

A Lava Elemental, standing next to some Cinder Essence


Soul Collector

Obtain a Soul

Waraxe of The Fallen

Craft the Soul Waraxe


Extract Soul Essense from a Soul

Scythe of The Forgotten

Craft the Soul Scythe

Lost to Time

Trade with a villager for a Torn Parchment

Handheld Fireworks Launcher

Craft a Fireworks Cannon


Upgrade the Fireworks Cannon into a Fireball Cannon

Lightning Rod Mark 2

Craft a Staff of Thunder

Staff of Darkness

Craft a Staff of Decay

Cactus..? Rose??

Craft a Staff of Thorns

Master of Flames

Craft a Tome of Pyromancy

Master of Toxins

Craft a Tome of Toxic Waste

Echoes of The Deep

Craft a Tome of Echo

Delicate Magic

Find an Amethyst Shard

Fragile Dagger

Craft an Amethyst Dagger

Artificial Life

Craft some Life Essense

Forgotten Blade

Craft the Sword of Legends

Spore Spreader

Craft a Sporeshot

Known Bugs

All ores only require a wooden pickaxe (Fabric Only)

All ores dont have a hardness of 3, or 4.5 for deepslate ores (Fabric Only)

All gem/ingot blocks dont have a hardness of 5 (Fabric Only)

Tome of Healing has 1 durability missing when crafted or taken from creative inventory in highly modded scenarios (Fabric Only)

Sculkite Ore generates in deepslate instead of sculk (Forge & Fabric)


Q: Will you backport fabric to below/above 1.19.2, 1.20.1 and 1.20.4? Or forge below/above 1.19.2?

A: No. Porting versions is buggy, annoying and generally unenjoyable. Modding is my passion project. If i dont enjoy modding, i won't mod. The only exception is most likely Forge 1.19.4

Q: When is this mod gonna get updated?

A: I dont usually update this mod regularly anymore, as i am working on a new project

Q: Are the fabric versions really beta?

A: Yes. They are. Fabric versions have a few extra bugs i can't fix as well as missing features.

Thats about it for the project, i hope you enjoy!