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Please note: This page is only for the forge version of VoxelSniper Reimagined. For the spigot version see here

Voxelsniper Reimagined
Unleash boundless creativity with VoxelSniper's mighty tools and brushes. Mold mountains, sculpt caves, paint worlds, and forge grand structures with unrivaled finesse. Transform mere blocks into awe-inspiring masterpieces, leaving others awestruck at your creativity!


  • The VoxelSniper you know and love, Rebooted and improved!

  • Many brushes to unleash your creativity!

  • Integrations for WorldGuard and PlotSquared.

  • An Event API for the developers out there

  • Support for forge!

Our story:
Voxelsniper Reimagined is an updated version of the popular Voxelsniper plugin. It's a continuation of Voxelsniper Rebooted by synquall, which itself was a continuation of Voxelsniper by gabizou and Deamon5550. Our team updated the plugin to ensure it works correctly with the latest version of Minecraft.

Our mission with VoxelSniper Reimagined is to make sure the plugin remains fully functional on the latest versions of Minecraft. We're also committed to refining and expanding the features that made VoxelSniper so great in the first place. Finally, we're expanding the power of VoxelSniper to new platforms, such as Forge.

We need your help!
We're looking for reviews to help make our version of VoxelSniper the first search result when people look for it. Reviews allow our plugin to rank better and be more findable. Additionally, we're looking for people to join our team, help with testing and documentation, and develop a GUI addon for VoxelSniper.

If you're interested in contributing or have any questions, please join our Discord community.

Join our Discord community for support, updates, feedback, and feature requests: https://discord.com/invite/YDjykYsAFF