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Requires Fabric API       Requires Cloth Config


TP Utils

This is a client side teleport utility mod that should greatly benefit creative players, making it much easier to get around. It includes, but is not limited to, improved and custom versions of the WorldEdit teleports (/thru & /jumpto). The teleports have a super high range and are extremely precise.
Important:- This mod requires you to have cheats enabled in single player (default on a creative world) or to have permission to use TP commands in multiplayer.

  • If you play on a multiplayer server make sure to set the right TP method in the config settings, many servers use /tppos instead of /tp



TP ThroughUsage: Keybind or /tpu through or /tpu thru
Teleport through walls or pretty much anything else that’s in your way. It’ll teleport you to the exact opposite side of the obstacle you're looking at without forcing you to the ground.

TP on TopUsage: Keybind or /tpu top
Teleport to the first available free space above the block you’re looking at.

TP ForwardUsage: Keybind or /tpu forward
Teleport a certain amount of blocks into the direction you’re looking, including up- and downwards. This teleport however doesn’t let you through blocks and will either teleport you to the full configured distance away or right in front of the first obstacle that’s in your way.

TP Ground
Usage: /tpu ground
Teleport to the first block below you, no matter the height you're at.

TP Up & Down
Usage: /tpu up or /tpu down
Teleport a floor up or down, it'll always put you on the ground.

Chunk TP*Usage: /tpu chunk *Teleport to the coordinates of the entered chunk.

TP BackUsage: Keybind or /tpu back
Teleport back to your previous location. This only works when you used a teleport method from this mod.


Configuration Options(File / Mod Menu)

TP MethodDefault: /tp
The tp method the mod should use to teleport you. Any method that uses should work. For example /tp or /tppos.
It's also possible to change this using this command /tpu method

TP Through RangeDefault: 256 (blocks)
From how far should the mod be able to detect the block you’re looking at to teleport you through.

TP on Top RangeDefault: 256 (blocks)
From how far should the mod be able to detect the block you’re looking at to teleport you on top.

TP Forward RangeDefault: 100 (blocks)
How far should the mod try to teleport you forward.

Allow CrawlingDefault: False
Allow the mod to teleport you into a 1 block high space.

Allow Lava
Default: False
Allow the mod to teleport you into lava.

Set Bedrock LimitDefault: True
Stop the mod from teleporting you below bedrock / the bottom world limit.




From 1.19 onwards this mod no longer includes Cloth Config



  • Mod Menu (This mod allows you to edit the configs in game)


Older Versions:

1.16 - 1.18



Already included/embedded:


1.14 - 1.15



Already included/embedded:



Please let me know if you experience any issues or have any suggestions