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About a modification

The The Fallen World Mod mod is a combination of the failed "The Dark World mod" project and other abandoned projects that never saw the light of day. Its main goal is to defeat the final boss located in 1 of the 2 new dimensions!

The modification is only for version 1.20.1, but in the near future it will also be created for a newer version (1.20.4).

For proper operation, version 1.1 and above requires an additional modification, GeckoLib!

The version name 1.3 is available with a temporary brand!

Modification content

Content of: Version 1.2

Information about the contents of version 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5 can be found in its changelog.

Fallenstone [The basic block found in Fallen World, the vast majority of this dimension consists of it, has its variants such as bricks.]

Ash Wood [The wood that builds trees in some biomes, of course has boards, etc.]

Bloody Obsidian [It appears deep underground in the Overworld and is used to build a portal to the Fallen World]

Ash [Found in Fallen World in some biomes, it works similarly to sand]

Fireplace [Fire stand, available in extinguished and lit variants, when extinguished you can light it with a lighter]

Devil Piedestal [It comes in empty and full variants, it appears naturally in the Fallen Bastion structure in full form, you can draw blood from it into the Reinforced Bottle, if you use a regular bottle, it will break... If you use Cross on Full Devil Piedestal when The Fallen King is defeated, you will be teleported into True Void]

Locked Chest [Found in Fallen Bastion, it can be opened with a key.]

Fallenstone Iron Ore

Fallenstone Gold Ore

Ash Leaves

Ash Grass Block

Golden Spawner [It comes in four variants, but only 1 is available. You can place 16 dice into it and then Bloody Potion from Devil Piedestal. This will create the final Mod Boss.]

Rose Gold Ore [Rose Gold Ore, found in Fallen World. Best mineral in the game!]

Raw Rose Gold Block

Block of Raw Gold

Sacrifice Altar [Used to spawn True Emperor]


Key [Drops from Fallen Skeleton, it can be used to open Locked Chests.]

Reinforced Bottle [It is used to collect blood from the Devil's Pedestal.]

Bloody Potion [It is used to spawn the final boss of the modification]

Ancient Fallenstone Shard [It can be found in Locked Chests and is used to create a Reinforced Bottle or Ancient Smithing Template]

Ancient Smithing Template [It can be used to upgrade gold tools to rose gold tools. It is made from 2 diamonds, 1 Ancient Fallenstone Shards and 6 fallenstone, which makes it very difficult to obtain Rose Gold armor.]

Bloody Obsidian Shard [Sometimes dropped from Bloody Obsidian, it is used to launch a portal to The Fallen World]

Raw Rose Gold

Rose Gold Ingot

Rose Gold Armor

Rose Gold Weapons

Dark Crown [Secret!]

Wand [Bassicly wand, can be have crystals]

Crystal [Can be used in Wand, drops from True Emperor]

Bloody Crystal [To get Bloody Crystal you must use crystal on Devil Piedestal, Wand shoots a Bloody Bullet, gives Instant Damage effect for 20 ticks]

Fire Crystal [To get Fire Crystal use Crystal in Nether, Wand shoots a Fired Bullet, ignites the enemies]

Mossy Crystal [To get Mossy Crystal you must click on Crystal with poison effect on you, Wand shoots a Mossy Bullet, gives poison to enemies]

Ash Crystal [To get Ash Crystall you must use crystal in Ash Fields, Wand shoots a Ash Bullet, no effect]

Return totem [It used to exit True Void]

Cross [Used to enter into True Void, have 1% chance to drop from Weak Skeleton]

Spell Book (Jump effect) [Gives you jump boost, levitation and slow falling]

Spell Book (Strength effect) [Gives you strength]

Spell Book (Speed effect) [Gives you speed]

Spell Book (Regeneration effect) [Gives you regeneration]


Fallen Forest

Fallen Swamp

Dark Forest

Ash Fields

Fallen Ash Fields


Fallen Bastion [Contains many hidden rooms and treasures. One of the hidden rooms contains the Devil Piedestal and the Golden Spawner, the biggest secret of the structure.]

Fallen Monster Room

Fallen House

Fallen Well


Fallen Skeleton [a skeleton variant that appears in structures as a treasure guard]

Skeleton Guard [The guard of the ruler's chamber, i.e. the 2 most important rooms of Fallen Bastion]

Weak Skeleton [Slow, spawns in Fallen World, mainly in Fallen Bastion.]

Skeleton Pile [Can't move, shoots a bone with big knockback. Spawns only in Fallen Bastion.]

Skelety [Flying, shoots ash projectile, blaze type mob]

Haunter [Flying, have collision, vex type mob]



The Fallen King [Has 400 health and drops 100 XP. You can spawn him by clicking Bloody Potion on the Golden Spawner block. Drops the Dark Crown. When you defeat it, Cross will glows with power!]

True Emperor [Has 600 health and drops 666XP. Spawned by using Dark Crown on Sacrifice Altar. Drops Crystal and 1 of 4 spell books. Summons: Skelety, Haunter, Skeleton Guard, Skeleton Pile, Fallen Skeleton]


An additional section with the entire plot of the modification.

Many years ago, the Fallen World was an ordinary world, but the king ruling it was so cruel that the people opposed him. He sent his army against his people and slaughtered everyone, then God appeared from Heaven! He sent a terrible curse upon the world, and the King died. The world was opened by Satan and God renounced it.


Important recipes:

Ancient Smithing Template

Reinforced Bottle


Wands with Crystal

Ancient Chisel