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📖 About 📖

Supplementaries is a highly configurable Forge mod focused on adding valuable content which fills the gaps vanilla has. Its features are tailored to be functional, aesthetically viable, and complementary to preexisting content and provide many new ways to enhance your Vanilla+ experience.

Supplementaries requires Moonlight Library.

Regarding Fabric

Supplementaries is and will always be a Forge mod.

This means that any fabric versions, while having all the main mod features, might be missing some small improvements and cleanups here and there as well as not having all the integration that forge version has (for obvious reasons)

Check out the newest Odyssey Update Trailer here!

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 You are free to include this mod in your mod pack.

 Translated in the following languages:

Deutsch | Polski | Français | Русский | Italiano | English | Čeština | 한국어 | Українська | Português | Српски | Español | Қазақ | Bahasa Melayu | Pirate Speech | 简体中文 (中国) | 繁體中文 (香港) | 繁體中文 (台灣) | Türkçe

🌍 Useful Links 🌍

Modding is taking a lot of my time, so if you like what I do, and you would like to support me, you can do so here. If you do, you'll receive a custom globe and or statue just for you! This also applies if you purchase a server from Akliz using "Supplementaries" code.


Need a server? Check out Akliz, they have top brand servers just for modded minecraft.
Use code "supplementaries" to get 20% off and also support me in the process!

📚 Documentation 📚

 This section hasn't been updated in a while so for more recent and up to date information always refer to the official mod WIKI HERE 

❓ F.A.Q. ❓

Q: How do I disable/tweak X feature?
A: The mod is highly configurable and pretty much every aspect of it can be tweaked and disabled in the provided configuration. To do so you can edit the  supplementaries-common.toml, supplementaries-server.toml, supplementaries-registry.toml config files in your configs directory. I would also suggest to install the Configured mod to have access to them in-game.

Some other aspect of the mod (like entity and block whitelists) are also configurable and you can do so with a datapack.

Q: Could you update to the latest version?
A: I plan to eventually port the mod to every new major Minecraft version. If I haven't updated yet it just means I haven't had the time to do so, so please be patient.

Q: Could you port to 1.12/1.7.10?
A: Absolutely no, I'm not interested in supporting older obsolete versions. Maintaining this one version already takes up so much of my time and so much changed between those versions that I would have to pretty much re-learn how to mod.

Q: Could you add X feature/block?
A: I would encourage you to join our discord. We have a section dedicated to suggestions like that. If I'll feel like your idea fits well enough it will have a high chance to be eventually added.

Q: How do I use X block/item?
A: Check out the mod documentation up above. I took care to put as much information there as possible since it's such a shame when mods don't document their content. Having said that however newer content might take a while to get properly updated here so if it's missing be sure to check out all the latest patch notes in the files section. If it's not there either then join my discord and try asking there.

Q: How can I fix this issue/ crash?
A: If you are encountering any issues don't send me an error description or just mention that they exist. Instead first be sure you are on the latest version, then if it persist open an issue on the "issues" page here or on Github and be if it is crashing always include your crash report / log.

Q: Fabric version is missing X
A: Supplementaries is a Forge mod and as such forge version will always contain slightly more/ more polished features as well as especially more inter mod compat. Fabric updates will always follow forge one as they are both developed together in a multi loader environment but if some feature is missing that means that it didnt have a simple or easy implementation as fabric was missing a counterpart of something provided by forge API that such feature was heavily reliant on. For more info check this.

🏆 Credits 🏆

Many people have contributed assets and textures to the mod and such list is too big to be included here.
However to view them directly in-game by inserting a written book named credits in a notice board.

Also some sounds are from Zapsplat so credit to them

Have an issue? Always send a CRASH REPORT!

(Dont comment with an issue without one. You can get it in your instance directory under in the /logs/latest,log path)