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Sponj (Fabric)

Modloader: Fabric Client: required Server: required

Yet another sponge mod


This simple mod adds two new blocks: a sponj and lava sponj.


  • 1.19.x: supported
  • 1.18.2: supported
  • < 1.18.2: not planned

Current Features

  • Sponj
  • -- Absorbs water in a larger radius based on how many sponjes are touching each other
  • Lava sponj
  • -- Absorbs lava instead of water
  • -- Radius depends on the number of connected lava sponjes, same as the regular sponj
  • Wet sponj
  • -- What you get when a sponj absorbs some water
  • -- Can be dried out in the nether or smelted to get a sponj back
  • Wet lava sponj
  • -- What you get when a lava sponj absorbs lava
  • -- Can be dried out in the end
  • -- Wet lava sponjes can be used as fuel in a furnace, smelting 128 items and leaving a dry lava sponj behind
  • -- -- Be sure to only insert a single wet lava sponj at a time. If you do, you won't get dry ones back!


Sponj Recipe

Sponj recipe

Lava Sponj Recipe

Lava sponj recipe

Issues & Suggestions

Please use the GitHub issue tracker to report any bugs you find.


Obviously this mod would not be possible if not for the people at Mojang making an awesome game. In addition, many thanks go to the developers of the Fabric mod loader.

The features in this mod were inspired by similar functionality in mods such as OpenBlocks and Bigger Sponge Absorption Radius. Many thanks to their developers for blazing the trail!


This mod is released under the MIT license. The full text of the license can be found here.


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